4 Reasons Change Is A Vital Component Of A Proper Workout Plan

If you’re putting on some effort to develop a proper workout plan, one thing that you must take into account is how much change or variety you have built into the structure. 

One of the biggest mistakes that so many people make as they go about their workout routine is sticking with the same old session over and over again. 

They think that since it initially brought them great results if they continue to stick with it, they’ll continue to see the same degree of results. 

Not so. 

Change and variety really are necessary for success for a number of different reasons.  Let’s look at what these are so that you can get it straight in your mind why you must be doing this if you want to succeed. 

#1 Change Stimulates New Muscles 

The very first reason why having more variety in your workout program is a smart move is because doing so will ensure that you aren’t missing out on any muscle groups in the sessions you’re doing. 

While if you choose your exercises properly, you should be able to target each main muscle in the body quite easily, you may be missing some of the smaller helper muscles with the particular set you’re doing. 

Changing your exercise selection will ensure that no muscle goes untouched, allowing you to form a better well-rounded level of strength. 

#2 Change Reduces Your Risk Of Injury 

The second reason why change is very good is that it can prevent injuries from occurring.  When you go into the gym day after day and do the same thing, this is going to become very repetitive on the muscles and joints. 

Over time, that repetitive motion can lead to great wear and tear on the tendons and ligaments, causing an injury to result. 

By changing the exercises that you’re doing, you’ll give certain ligaments a rest from time to time, allowing them to make a full recovery. 

#3 Change Keeps Boredom At Bay 

Ever felt like you just couldn’t stand the thought of hitting the gym for yet another boring workout session? If so, you need some change added to your approach. 

By including many different exercises and cardio forms in your workout, you’ll become less bored over time, which can really enhance your adherence level. 

Since sticking with your workouts is one of the greatest keys to success, this cannot be overlooked. 

#4 Change Helps You Get Stronger 

Finally, the last reason to add more change into your workout plan is that doing so will help you get stronger. 

For example, if you normally perform the bench press using a standard grip, try performing it using a reverse grip or with the hands placed closer together on the bar. 

This will change the angle of the stimulus and work the muscles in an entirely new way.  Then when you go back to the standard bench press again, you might find yourself a great deal stronger. 

So there you have the most important points to note about why change is a must in your workout plan. If you can’t remember the last time you changed something around, take some time to do so now.  You won’t regret it.

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