Do I Really Need a Fitness Instructor?

Whether an individual wants to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get fit, enlisting the services of a fitness instructor is a worthy consideration for a variety of reasons. Novice exercisers may need a supervised program to ensure safety, but more importantly results. For others, a fitness instructor may provide the needed motivation and accountability to stay on track. But, there are many people who are experienced and savvy enough to navigate through the latest fitness trends and reach their goals unassisted. Today, there are so many online fitness resources and technology apps available that many people simply cannot justify the time and expense of hiring a fitness instructor.  Believe it or not, even a fitness instructor may hire a peer when he/she is in a rut. So, who really needs a fitness instructor?

Even elite athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness competitors who are the best in their respective fields needed someone to teach and train them proper form, technique, frequency, and progression of exercise at one time. There are many downsides to unsupervised training. The obvious one is risk of injury. Exercise programs should be customized to address flexibility, weakness, and posture before advanced training is introduced. An experienced professional can assess when that the client is ready for free weights or speed and agility drills. Another consideration is performance. Exercise programs must include the right exercises at the right stage to ensure enhanced performance. When attempting to gain or lose weight, a fitness instructor can help avoid those dreaded plateaus and make adjustments when needed so that those goals are achieved.

You need a fitness instructor if…

  • You are a first-time exerciser or you have been sedentary for an extended period of time.
  • You have successfully rehabilitated an injury and are ready to resume a regular fitness routine.
  • You suffer from a chronic illness or condition and require supervised/assisted physical activity.
  • You are training for a new sport of which you have little prior knowledge.
  • You hate exercising and need an experienced professional to help you get results.
  • You have a health or fitness goal that must be reached in a limited period of time.
  • Your family and friends do not support your health and fitness goals.
  • You have lost your motivation to exercise.

You could go it alone if…

  • You are an experienced exerciser with modest goals and reasonable deadlines.
  • You are a healthy individual who is self-directed and exercises/competes regularly.
  • You have a current repertoire that is both engaging and effective for your own needs.
  • You have a savvy workout partner who brings knowledge and experience to the table.
  • You lead a very active lifestyle which helps you maintain your desired level of fitness.
  • Your inner circle of family and friends are supportive of your lifestyle.

For any number of reasons, hiring a fitness instructor may be a decision that you revisit many times in your life. New moms, injured athletes, and soon-to-be brides (and grooms) enlist the help of trained professionals to achieve short-term goals. Others feel the need to make fitness instructors a more permanent part of daily life. Whatever the reason, connect with some professional fitness instructors today. Life happens. You never know when you may need one.

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