Get a Lean Body With A Circuit Training Workout

Along with health, wealth and happiness, a lean body is one of the most sought after things in life. We are always searching for the most effective way to achieve a svelte, ripped physique and preferably in as little time as possible.

There really is no secret when it comes to obtaining that much desired lean body. Once again it all comes down to diet and exercise. No fancy pills or exercise gadgets will leave you ripped if your diet is excessive in calories and your workouts are inconsistent.

Walking on a treadmill or climbing on a stair climber is very effective to achieving a lean body; but circuit training is a great alternative to burn fat, while sculpting muscle and improving the health of your heat and lungs. Circuit training can be more stimulating both mentally and physically than steady state cardio for some, and may requires much less of a time commitment.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training workouts are made up of numerous different exercises performed back to back with little or no rest between them. For example, you may have a circuit of 5 exercises such as sumo squats, push ups, lunges, pull ups and burpees. You would perform each exercise in sequence for the prescribed number of reps, stopping to rest only after the entire circuit is complete.

Not only are you working every single muscle in the body with a set up like this, you are also sending your heart rate through the roof, burning hundreds of calories and benefiting from an excellent cardio workout. These are key factors if your goal is to earn a rock hard, lean body.

Benefits of Circuit Training

Anyone Can do It

The benefits of this type of training are endless. First of all they are suitable for everyone, no matter what your current fitness level or physical limitations may be. The circuits can be tailored to challenge anyone with a simple manipulation of exercise selection, rep scheme and number of exercises.

Workout Anywhere

This type of training can be done anywhere, anytime. You don’t necessarily need any equipment whatsoever in order to put yourself through an intense circuit training workout. Bodyweight exercises can be used exclusively if you don’t have access to equipment or you can use everything your gym has to offer if that’s what you prefer.

Ditch the Monotony

You’ll never be bored. The only limitations when designing a circuit training workout is your own creativity. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of exercises that can be incorporated into a circuit training workout. Not only does switching things up keep your mind stimulated, it also keeps your body guessing which will help increase the calorie burn potential. Burning calories is a crucial component of achieving a lean body.

Get a Heart Healthy Workout

Not only is circuit training great for fat loss and muscle sculpting, it also an exceptional cardiovascular workout. Much like interval training, circuits elicit intense peaks in heart rate which has been proven to improve the health of the heart and lungs and decrease the potential for certain illnesses like heart disease and stroke along with helping to lower cholesterol and improving mental health. Not only will you look a lot better with that fit, lean body, you’ll feel better too.

Designing a Circuit Training Workout

While there certainly are no limitations to the design of a circuit workout, you may want to start out modestly. These workouts may look a lot easier than they are. You will find you progress rather quickly and you can add in fancier, more challenging exercises as you go.

Full body exercises are the best choices for the meat of the workout since they will generate the greatest use of muscle and really spike the heart rate. Try things like burpees, squats, push ups, pull ups, deadlifts, lunges, dips and rows. You can make all kinds of modifications for theses exercises if you need to increase or decrease the intensity.

Start out with a moderate number of exercises per circuit and increase the amount as you progress. Always use proper form and full range of motion and make sure you have performed a proper warm up before you begin.

Get Started Now

Without the need for any equipment and a daily investment of only twenty minutes, there is no reason you can’t get started on your circuit training program today. If you’re consistent, you’ll find yourself enjoying a healthy heart, a stimulated mind and a lean body in no time.


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