How To Lose Weight Before Bikini Season

I've been training professionally for over 8 years. Guess what the number one question I get is?  How to lose weight!  I know huge surprise! The fitness industry has exploded with thousands of workouts claiming to be the best weight loss workout, the best way to burn belly fat or the best butt toning workout!  Guess what’s special about all those workouts, absolutely nothing!  In fact, you actually don’t even have to workout to lose weight to get ready for bikini season or Speedo season for the guys! 

Don’t eat carbs, don’t eat fat, do a bunch of cardio, do a bunch of resistance training, go on a liquid diet, give up and get lipo, I’ve heard all the crazy things people try. Most of it done with little or no results.  So what’s the key to losing weight? To lose weight all you have to do is burn more calories than you take in.  That’s it! There is no secret workout, training method or diet trainers have hidden away in their back pocket on how to lose weight. In fact, most good trainers will outright tell you how. Eat less and move more!  It's the law of thermodynamics. Energy cannot be made or destroyed, only transferred.  So if I eat more calories than my body can burn in a day, I’ll have excess calories left over. Those calories cannot be destroyed so they will be used to rebuild tissue or stored for later. Meaning, those calories will build muscle or be stored as fat. So, obviously, the reverse of this is to eat fewer calories than you burn in a day.  That will result in a deficit. My body needs the energy to function. Where will this needed energy come from? Ah yes, the stored fat!  Seems pretty simple right. 

Earlier I stated that you don’t even need to workout to lose weight and that’s true. You can lose weight by simply eating less than you do now and burning the same amount of calories. Don’t want to eat less? Fine, just workout out more. If you eat the same amount of calories as you currently do yet perform strength training or cardio to burn more calories, you’ll lose weight that way too! Yet, not performing resistance training your muscles will not be toned and bikini, or Speedo, ready. Performing resistance training will build or maintain the lean body mass you have. Strength training will also burn calories during and 2-3 days after your workout. Nobody wants to be thin yet flabby right! The bigger the gap between calories consumed and calories burned will cause a greater reduction of weight. So what if you reduced the number of calories you ingest while also increasing the number of calories your body burns by performing strength training and some cardio? Well, that would increase the gap between calories consumed and calories burned causing a greater weight loss! 

No crazy weight loss diets. No outlandish workouts.  Losing weight to get ready for bikini season is as simple as sticking some strength training into your week, going for a run a few times a week or just eating less each day. How to lose weight before bikini season?  Just eat less and move more.

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