Add These Fat Burning Foods To Your Diet

If you’re on a mission to get as lean as possible, one thing that you must consider is which fat burning foods you’re eating – or more importantly, aren’t eating.

Chances are you’ve already taken some time to establish how many calories you should be eating each day along with the specific macronutrient split that’s going to work best for your diet.  But that said, it’s also critical that you start paying more attention to what you’re eating at the same time.  While calorie balance is the most critical issue for fat loss success, if you’re not eating the right types of food, you may find that your progress is rather slow.

Fortunately, adding the top fat burning foods to your diet isn’t all that difficult.  Let’s look at what these foods are, why they can help, and how to add them into your diet plan.

Fat Burning Food: Salmon

Why Eat This:  Adding salmon into your diet plan is a wise move because not only is it an excellent source of protein, but it’s also going to provide the essential fatty acids that help to boost your insulin sensitivity.

Those who are highly sensitive to insulin will have an easier time taking up the carbohydrates they eat and moving them into muscle storage rather than storing them as added body fat. Poor insulin sensitivity is one of the most predominant risk factors for diabetes, so it’s essential that you make sure this isn’t going to impact you.

Serving Suggestions: Try serving salmon with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or use canned salmon and make it into salmon salad using low-fat mayonnaise or even better, cottage cheese as a mix-in.

Fat Burning Food: Greek Yogurt

Why Eat This: The next great food to add into your diet plan is Greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt is very high in protein, which is one thing that many people lack in their daily diets and more importantly, it’s also high in calcium.

Those who consume more calcium on their fat loss diets are going to lose more overall body fat from the stomach region, so getting enough is a must.  Greek yogurt will also help to promote stronger bones through the added calcium found in it, which is vital so that you can stay active for a long time to come.

Serving Suggestions: Try serving this one of our fat burning foods up with some fresh berries and flaxseeds, or use it as a dip for your raw veggies.

Fat Burning Food: Raspberries

Why Eat This: Raspberries are an excellent addition to any diet plan and can calm your cravings for something sweet.  Raspberries are one of the top fruits to be eating because they’re very high in dietary fiber, so won’t have much influence on your blood glucose levels.  They’re also lowest in sugar, so again, this helps keep you on a steady keel.

Finally, they’re also loaded with a wide variety of antioxidants and nutrients, so from a health standpoint, it’s a fat burning food that can’t be beat.

Serving Suggestions: You can either eat raspberries on their own as-is, blend them up with your protein smoothie, sprinkle them onto a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, add them into some protein pancakes, or top them over your some protein pudding for a delicious dessert to finish off a meal.

Fat Burning Food: Cabbage

Why Eat This: Cabbage is a stand-out vegetable for its high nutritional content.  It’s loaded with antioxidants and will really go a long way towards helping to prevent cancer development.  It’s also incredibly low in calories; so low in fact that you hardly even have to count it as part of your total daily intake.

Cabbage is going to be great for fighting off free radical damage and making sure your immune system stays strong so you never have to worry about falling ill and not being able to complete your workout sessions.

Serving Suggestions: You can either use cabbage in your salads, added to a soup, or even added to a stir-fry for something very unique and different.  Red cabbage works perfectly for this.

Fat Burning Food: Chili Peppers

Why Eat This: While not a food that you’d eat in large quantities, chili peppers are going to make for a great addition to your diet plan.  Chili peppers contain a compound referred to as capsaicin, which will increase the metabolic rate ever so slightly after you consume it. This means that you’ll continue to burn off additional calories for hours after eating it, improving your rate of overall progress.

Plus, since they will definitely add some punch to any meal you’re serving up, you may find that you consume fewer calories because of this.

Serving Suggestions: Consider adding chili peppers into a stir-fry, soup, or even dicing them up very finely and adding them to your ground turkey burgers.

Fat Burning Food: Walnuts

Why Eat This: This last of the fat burning foods to add to your meal plan is great because it’s high in healthy fats and of those healthy fats, a significant portion of them is the omega fats.  These fats are critical to supporting a lean body composition and for also helping to ward off disease, so they are a perfect addition to just about any diet plan.

Walnuts are more calorie dense however, so just be sure that you are measuring out your serving size and limiting how many of them you eat.  This is not one food that you would want to overdose in.

Serving Suggestions: Try sprinkling your walnuts over a salad, adding them to a hot bowl of oatmeal, or using them in any protein baked goods you’re preparing.

So there you have some of the top fat burning foods that you should be adding to your diet. If these currently don’t have a place in your plan, start making it a priority to get them added in.

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