6 Must Have Essential and Simple Gym Equipment

The act of staying active and healthy is something that everyone must do in order to make a change, from being unhealthy and unfit, to being fit and enduring physically and mentally. If you haven’t lifted a weight all your life or are trying to get back in shape, then this it is the about time to start. However, one may question what types of gym equipment you must acquire or gain access to in order to stay lean and strong. Here are the best suggestions that you can have for your very own gym. 

#1 Classic Bench Press 

The bench press is great equipment that one must have when trying to build strength, a classic physique and a lean body. First, the bench provides the most popular exercise for the upper body and the chest, the barbell bench press. Aside from the classic exercises, the bench is also versatile equipment that you can use for your shoulder exercises, abs exercises and back exercises. 

Make sure that when buying these bench presses, check to see is the bolts and the joints are intact for safety and for stability when lifting weights or when performing exercises other than the bench press. It would also be helpful for your exercises to check if you can purchase some benches that you can change angles in order to target the different parts of the chest using angling methods. 

#2 Barbells 

The barbell is essential equipment when trying to build muscles, strength and mass. Barbells let you lift heavier weights as the use of this equipment often requires both hands and core stability for working out promoting overall workouts. One advantage that you can get with barbells is that you can use them for training for mass and strength gains due to heavier loads that you can carry. Furthermore, barbells can be used when performing a majority of exercises for both the upper and the lower body. Selecting the best barbell for you can be quite easy as barbells are actually available in different sizes. You may also purchase Olympic barbell gym equipment that is quite longer than the traditional beginner bars that allows you to lift heavier weights and promotes more room for wide and close gripped lifting exercises. 

#3 Dumbbells 

The dumbbells are also versatile additions to your gym tool arsenal. This is because you can perform with dumbbells what you can’t usually do with the bars. This is clearly evident when doing concentration curls and you can also use the aid of your free hand to spot your lifting hand. This is certainly one thing that you can’t do with the bar. The dumbbells also are great equipment that promote core strength and overall balance and stability development because with the dumbbells, your body uses significant muscles in order to balance your body and to maintain stability when using dumbbells. The said equipment lets you use your arms or your legs individually in order to decrease and eliminate muscle imbalances. There are a wide variety of exercises that you can use when using dumbbells. Dumbbells also are great tools that you can incorporate with your workout when trying to gain more definition. 

#4 The Medicine Ball 

Medicine balls allow you to develop your core using different core exercises that involve the use of medicine balls. Medicine balls are also useful when developing the chests, the legs, back and the shoulders. You can search the internet for useful medicine ball core and over all body exercises. These weighted balls are available in 15, 25 and 35 pound versions. There are also heavier medicine balls that you can purchase but it is best to start out with 25 or 35 pound medicine balls. 

#5 Therapeutic Balls or Swiss Balls 

Originally used for rehabilitation or stroke patients, the Swiss ball is now an exercise equipment used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for core strengthening and stability, balance and over all fitness training. Due to the unstable movement of the ball when used, it helps the muscles recruit more muscle fibers to come into play allowing more muscles to be developed. The Swiss balls are used for training the abs, the lower back, the shoulders as well as the legs and the chest. However, the use of the Swiss ball during exercises requires the assistance of a certified trainer in order to avoid injury.  These balls are available in different sizes. There are also different versions of these balls such as the smaller medicine balls and the half tome medicine ball. 

#6 Lat Pull Down Machine 

The lat pulldown machine is one of the most common equipment that can be used to develop the muscles of the back primarily. Depending on your target muscle, you can use different grips in order to develop the lower back, the rhomboids, the upper lats and other parts of the back. There are also different models that allow you to perform seated cable rows and some also are equipped with additional cable cross-over. Check your local stores for lat pulldown machines that provide more opportunity for developing different muscle groups of the body. 

Other Safety Gear 

When purchasing gym tools, it is also important to get yourself some appropriate equipment such as gloves, belts, water jugs, shoes and towels, these tools help keep you safe, hygienic and hydrated throughout the exercise session. 


These are the most essential equipment that you must have in order to stay fit. The equipment as discussed are the most basic but the most efficient arsenal that you can have provided you use them properly and efficiently. Always remember that proper execution, consistency, rest and nutrition are the most vital elements of having a healthy body aside from the use of the equipment stated above.

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