Bodybuilding Diet Plan: Eat Your Heart Out and Stay Ripped

Most aspiring body builders today, especially beginners are actually equipped with the weapons they need in order to reach their goals, which is to build muscle, get ripped and strong. Since most of us are aware of the very important value of exercises, some of us get a hard time thinking about what to eat and what not to eat come meal time. The confusion comes when some people fear of gaining fat and weight especially around the belly which can compromise their way to getting ripped and shredded. Well, this dilemma of yours is now addressed with this bodybuilding diet plan. 

Before we delve deeper into the diet plans that you can use, there are basically three types of foods that are bad for you. The first one is the high f at content of food, the high carbohydrate types of food and the high fat, high carbohydrates types of foods. Well, these “bad” foods can actually work for you and make you strong, massive and lean at the same time provided you eat these food groups strategically. 

Mechanics of the Diet Plan 

The trick with this bodybuilding diet plan is to divide or separate the fats from the carbohydrate filled foods. Remember that this plan is versatile for most guys, regardless of the current weight they have. From Monday through Saturday, you’ll get to eat high fat content foods and low carbohydrate foods, and when you eat high carb meals, you also eat low fat foods, while maintaining your high protein intake. At the end of the week though, you’ll get yourself a cheat day by eating your food choices, for example high fat and high carbohydrate foods. During the weekdays, Mondays through Fridays, you’ll use a high fat low carb diet by keeping your calories to 14 to 15 per pound of body weight per day. That is equivalent to 2170 to 2325 calories per day for a 155 pound guy, to set just an example. Considering the same body weight, your protein intake will be high at 1.5 grams per body weight or 232 grams per day. With regards to your carbohydrate intake, it is essential for you to have an intake of .25 grams per body weight. The carbohydrates are low in this program because with every intake, you can almost eat approximately a gram of fat per pound. Make sure that you get not more than a gram of fat for every pound. 

Sample Foods For This Diet On these days, the foods that you are allowed to eat with your high fat and low carbs diet are the following: ribs with no barbecue sauce (the barbecue sauce is rich in fat), beef with fatty cuts as well as pork, cold cuts with fatty additions, bacon and buffalo wings. With this diet, you don’t even have to worry about acquiring the deadly saturated fats. Whenever you are in a low carb bodybuilding diet plan in conjunction with your high fat diet, the saturated fat that you gain is converted into non harmful types in the body. It has also been stated by research that athletes who gulped down saturated fats achieved higher testosterone levels than those who did not. In addition to that, whenever you take a low carbohydrate diet, the fat accumulation in your body is then used afterwards, efficiently whenever you work out or perform activities, thanks to the controlled, low carb diet. 

The next bodybuilding diet plan is for guys who are 155 pounds to approximately 245 pounds. During your workout days, take the diet plan below, and during your rest days, skip the post workout meal and instead use your pre work out meal as a snack. 

High Fat Content, Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan 

For Monday to Friday, this will be your high fat content, low carbohydrate diet plan. 

For your breakfast, you can have three whole eggs plus three egg whites with an additional three slices of bacon. Although the eggs are regardless of how you cook them the recommended preparation would be to scramble them. 

For the late morning snack, a scoop of whey protein isolate is recommended. 

For lunch, two cups of chopped broccoli with 6 to 9 oz rib eye steak is preferred. 

The midday snack: six Buffalo wings with additional seven celery sticks with blue dressings used occasionally. 

For your pre workout snack, a scoop of whey protein is preferred with two scoops of whey protein for your post work out snack or a scoop of whey protein and a scoop of casein powder if the latter is present in your arsenal of foods. 

Your dinner plate must consist of recommended half rack of baby back rips with barbecue sauce, with additional green salad, with mixtures of a spoonful of vinegar and a scoop of whey protein for the finish. 

For your night time snack a scoop of whey protein or casein powder is also recommended. 

With this diet plan, it is recommended to use water to mix with your whey protein or any other protein shakes or as directed in the label. 

Your Need To Refuel Carbs with the High Carb Low Fat Diet 

The next plan would be your high carbohydrate and low fat diet plan on Saturdays. With this plan, you switch from high fat low carbohydrate diet to a high carb low fat diet plan. This time, you will be shooting for 16 to 17 calories per pound of body weight. This is somewhat equal to 2500 to 2600 calories for the 155 pound guy we had a few paragraphs ago for our bodybuilding diet plan. The protein stays at about 1.5 grams per body weight; the carbs take a significant leap to 2 grams per pound of body weight, whereas the fat content falls to about 0.25 grams per pound of body weight. 

The Science Behind Your Carbohydrate Intake: 

You may ask the reason why behind this eventual increase in carbohydrates in your diet. This is done in order to maintain the leptin levels in your body, which keeps your metabolism at a high rate, while keeping your appetite low. Undergoing a body building diet plan for five days, with low carbohydrates will significantly reduce your leptin levels causing your metabolism to significantly decline. Going under this switch of diet plans will eliminate the downward spiral for your metabolism. 

Food Samples for This Diet: 

With this diet, you’ll get to eat high carb and low fat diets such as hamburgers, pizzas, cheese pizza, popcorn, hot cakes, pan cakes, jelly beans, jelly sandwiches, ice cream and many others. Of course, these foods are rich in fast digesting carbohydrates which you may get some warning from dietitians due to their high carbohydrate content. However, eating these choices of foods at this moment in your diet is generally appropriate in order to maintain your leptin levels which may be at the brink of falling down to the pit. It signals the increase of insulin which eventually triggers leptin maintenance. Just like the diet plan above for Monday to Friday, this Saturday body building diet plan is good for 155 pounds and above guy. 

High Carb Low Fat Diet: 

  • With this diet plan, you can start your breakfast with an omelet of a whole egg plus three egg whites and a fourth cup of cheddar cheese, fat free version. You can also have an additional fat free type of milk for your hot beverage. 
  • Your late morning snack must also consist of a scoop of whey protein with whole grains of waffle snacks and maple syrup approximately 2 to 3 table spoons. 
  • You lunch should be 4 to 6 oz of lean burger with whole wheat type of buns with 2 table spoons of ketchup. Add a half cup of macaroni and cheese for this dish. 
  • Your pre work out snack consists of peanut butter, with a tablespoon of jam and two slices of whole wheat type of bread. A scoop of whey protein also adds to the protein needs of your pre workout snack. 
  • For the post workout snack, a scoop of whey protein and casein powder is also included. A sandwich of tuna or turkey is recommended for this post workout diet meal. 
  • Your dinner consists of pizza, with thin crusts and mozzarella cheese, two to three cups of vegetable salad mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar or olive oil. A beverage of beer is also necessary and a scoop of whey protein will also help you recover. 
  • Your mid night snack consists of a scoop of whey protein, a scoop of casein powder and your favorite popcorn. Take note also that the powdered forms of protein in this body building diet plan must be mixed with water of as directed by the manufacturer in the label. 

Your Cheat Day 

As Sunday comes, you are then allowed to eat whatever you want with one single exception. You need to follow your diet plan from Saturday until lunch time, and then you are privileged to eat anything you want. Just make sure that your portions and servings are within reasonable sizes. 

There are several methods in order to get you ripped and shredded while maintaining size. You can choose in a wide variety of diet meals for your goals. This bodybuilding diet plan covers your favorite foods while keeping you lean, ripped, strong and massive.

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