Why You Must Determine Your Body Type For Optimal Results

As you go about setting up your workout program, one thing that you need to make sure you’re doing is taking the time to assess your body type. Many people completely overlook this factor when selecting their program and then don’t see as great of results as they could because of it.

Understanding your body type will allow you to choose a number of key elements of your overall approach that much better, so it’s worth the time to do this.

Let’s go over what you must know about when it comes to your body type and your chosen program.

Understanding The Different Body Types

First let’s take a look at the different body types that are out there so you can place yourself in the right body type.

Ectomorphs are individuals who have a very thin and lanky figure and typically tend to be quite ‘nervous’ individuals. They are often fidgety and can’t sit still, which only makes the entire situation that much worse for them. They may have tried to build muscle in the past, but found their efforts to be futile at best.

The next body type is the endomorph. This individual is typically overweight and may find that it’s a real struggle not to put on more fat mass. They may be somewhat muscular, however it’s often covered by the fact that they do have more fat mass on their body.  Those who have this body type will also suffer from a slow metabolic rate, which further increases the problems they’re experiencing.

Finally, the last body type is the mesomorph. This individual is naturally quite muscular and doesn’t need to put in much effort to build more muscle with their program.  They are typically athletic by nature, so have grown up participating in sports on a regular basis.

So now that you have an idea what the three body types look like, let’s have a look at how they are going to influence your choice of diet, as well as the most optimal workout program for you to be using.

Choosing Your Workout Program

When you know your body type, it gets easier to select the workout that you should follow.  Those who are natural ectomorphs will want to be using a lower volume program as this will help them not burn up any extra energy – energy that could go towards improving their muscle mass building. They typically do best on a full body workout, which has them in the gym two to three times each week.

They should select workouts that focus primarily on compound movements, only using isolation exercises in very low doses.  Isolation exercises will just burn extra fuel and put them into a deeper state of breakdown that they have to recover from.

Ectomorphs should also keep cardio training to a minimum as once again, this will only burn calories that they should not be burning.

The next body type is the mesomorph and this body type works well with just about any program. They’ll see great results using a full body workout program, or they can do an upper/lower split if that’s what they prefer instead.

They can also handle some cardio training, but should avoid taking things to the extreme here as well. Too much cardio could sacrifice their muscle building results.

Finally, the endomorph will want a higher volume program that focuses on shorter rest periods. This body type needs all the metabolic enhancement it can get and shortening up the rest periods will provide just that.

They should also be utilizing compound movements for the most part as it’s these exercises that are going to help to work more muscle fibers at once, thus producing a higher calorie burn.

The endomorph should be also adding more cardio training to their overall workout program mas well as that will help keep their total daily calorie expenditure higher, ensuring that they are able to minimize the amount of fat gain they experience at any point in time.

Choosing Your Diet

Moving along, once you’ve selected your workout program to match your body type, the next thing to consider is your diet plan.

Selecting the right diet is also going to be paramount for success because it will determine which direction your body weight moves, as well as how you perform during your workout sessions.

Ectomorphs, who are naturally thin need a very high calorie diet. For these individuals, they really cannot get in enough calories. The more they can eat, the better.

Mesomorphs, on the other hand will want a moderate calorie intake that is in line with their goals. If they want to lean down, they should go slightly below maintenance level.

If they want to build more muscle, slightly above maintenance level will be the superior approach.  They don’t need to go to any extreme, and should focus on making sure they get an even mix of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.

Finally, if you’re an endomorph, you’ll likely want to be using a reduced calorie diet plan.  You’ll need to lose extra body fat, which requires you to be under your maintenance level.  These individuals may also need to use a lower carb approach to get fat loss moving, so that’s something also to be considering.

If the endomorph is going to attempt to build muscle mass, a higher protein diet will be favorable and they should still keep their total calorie intake just modestly above maintenance calories to prevent excess fat gain.

For them, the slow and steady approach is the route to go.

So there you have the most important points to keep in mind regarding your body type and your training program.  By making sure that you know your body type going in, you can better tailor your training program to meet your own individual needs, therefore seeing faster results every step of the way.

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