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Schiek Men's Platinum Gel Padded Workout Gloves w/ Wrist Wraps - Medium
Schiek Men's Platinum Gel Padded Workout Gloves w/ Wrist Wraps - Medium

Schiek Men's Platinum Gel Padded Workout Gloves w/ Wrist Wraps - Medium

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Item Number:SK-540M
  • * Wrist-wrap closure. Washable. Non-slip padded palm and thumb
  • * 3/4-in finger length. Easy-removal FINS. Durable Amara synthetic leather.
  • * 1/8-in thick gel padding. Double-stitching. 1-year manufacturer's warranty.



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The Schiek 540 Platinum lifting gloves showcase a wrist-wrap closure for extra support and the easy-removable FIN system that lets you simply grab the fin extensions on the top of the glove to easily pull it off. Each glove is constructed with an Amara synthetic leather, a durable non-slip padded palm and thumb, and thick gel padding.


  • Patented FINS for easy removal
  • Washable
  • Non-bleeding
  • One-year warranty
  • Durable non-slip padded palm and thumb
  • 3/4 finger length
  • Made of durable Amara synthetic leather
  • Wrist wraps for maximum support

Glove Sizing Measurements:

Measure around hand across the center of the palm for correct sizing

  • X-Small Measurements: 6-7 in.
  • Small Measurements: 7-8 in.
  • Medium Measurements: 8-9 in.
  • Large Measurements: 9-10 in.
  • X-Large Measurements: 10-11 in.
  • XX-Large Measurements: 11-12 in.
4 Stars
Quality gloves, but no longer made in the USA.
I've been weightlifting for the past ten years and have used gloves by Harbinger, Valeo, and Schiek. In my experience, Schiek gloves are the most durable. They tell you not to dry them, but I always throw my gloves in the dryer and they hold up fine - although they did shrink half a size the first time I tumble dried them. The padding is generous and thick and they work well for heavy lifting, although they are a bit too bulky for casual lifting. I have two pairs of gloves - some lightweight Valeos when I'm training to get trim, and the 540 Schieks when I am going through a heavy lifting cycle to build muscle. If you're not callus-prone and you don't typically lift very heavy weights, you will probably find these gloves stiff, bulky, and restrictive. You would be better off getting a lighter, lower-end glove. If you power lift, however, these gloves are among the best. They offer the most stability and protection and the wrist wraps are first class and go a long way in preventing injury. Now, why did I deduct one star? Part of the reason I preferred Schiek over the other brands was because they proudly proclaimed that all of their training merchandise is made in WI, USA. I didn't mind paying a little extra to help save domestic labor. Although they still manufacture the wrist straps and back braces in the US, Schiek now makes their gloves in Pakistan. Schiek's website has been a little deceitful about the outsourcing. Their website formerly said, All Schiek products are made in the USA, but now when you visit their website, they write, Most Schiek products are made in the USA. They fail to mention that one of their most popular items, the lifting gloves, are now manufactured overseas. Note that the Schiek gloves are still some of the most expensive amateur lifting gloves you can buy, so it isn't like Schiek's letting us in on the discount. I ordered these gloves after my old gloves fell apart after using them regularly for five years. I didn't even think about it - the glove looked the same with the big ol' American flag and the made in USA emblazoned all over the website. You can imagine my dismay and surprise when I received these gloves and found made in Pakistan on the tag. A quick inspection of the gloves shows the quality to be the same, but I probably won't know until a few years later if the quality really is identical to my old Schiek gloves. Case in point, these are still good lifting gloves, but for fellow long-time customers (and new potential ones) of Schiek gloves, you can find gloves of comparable quality by Valeo and Harbinger for $10-20 cheaper and they're all made overseas now, so what's the difference? Official Amazon review of Schiek Sports Schiek Gloves 540. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 2/22/2013
5 Stars
Very well-designed gloves
This is my second pair of Schiek gloves, and I've been very happy with both purchases. I've had a couple of other brands, but I like the Schieks because they have design features that make them a pleasure to use right out of the box. The fins things that run along each finger don't seem like a big deal, but once you get used to how easy they make it to get your gloves off after a workout, you'll find you miss them in other gloves. The man-made material they use makes the gloves smell like a new tire. :-) But they also are less likely to smell in the usual way after many workouts. They also don't shrink, and are easier to take care of (machine wash). Schiek claims that they won't bleed black dye onto your hands. That hasn't been totally true for me, but the small amount you get after a sweaty workout is nothing compared with the black/purple ink stains you get with leather gloves (and it takes a long long time for that to stop happening). All in all I strongly recommend them. Note, the picture for the Schiek 540 X-Large gloves is wrong ... they're not tan/black, they're black/black. Official Amazon review of Schiek Sports Schiek Gloves 540. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 5/27/2008
4 Stars
Great gloves
I apologize in advance if my review is long winded. I want to give a thorough review. I have now owned these gloves for three months. On purchasing I did not have the option of trying them on for fit for no sporting good stores carry them in their stores in this area. I wear XL cloths butt was after a glove that would be a tighter then looser fit so chose to go with just the large size. As far as size I like the way it fits through the hand and fingers. The wrist strap is a little shorter then I would like it to be. After time though the strap does relax and get longer. The glove is extended in the fingers and thumb. I do like it for the fingers butt a bit long for my taste in the thumb. The length of the glove in the thumb, seems to be in the way. I have thought about cutting away a little bit of the thumb butt did not want to void the warranty. This glove is what I would call heavy duty. It is not as comfortable as a harbringer or other glove of that type. The leather on these Schiek gloves are much heavier and less pliable. After time the Schiek glove does break in, butt is never as comfortable as a less durable glove. So you do sacrifice comfort for durability IMO. I do like the durability and feel of the Schiek glove, butt once in a while I reach for an old pair of my ripped up Harbringers and they do feel really good. As far as smell, it seemed about the same amount of time I would wear other gloves where I would start to notice that unmistakable smelly glove smell. I have washed them now three times in the washer. I would say about every three weeks or so it is time for me to throw them in the washer. I do go to the gym three times a week. I am also a Wheelchair user. I also use the gloves when wheeling and or doing cardio in my wheelchair. So I do use these Schiek gloves regularly. After about four to five months when using harbringer gloves they start to wear through and expose part of my palms. I have had these Schiek for about three months. They are showing some wear in the area that usually wears out on my gloves butt seems like they will last much longer than other gloves I have used. I'm sure I will be using the warranty though before it is up. I do like these gloves and would recommend these butt buyer beware, These don't have the comfort of other gloves on the market.Also a small complaint, the glove pulls down pretty far over your wrist, which is nice to get the straps tight, butt uncomfortable if wearing a wrist watch. I wear my watch every day and it does get in the way when wearing these gloves. I just leave my watch in the car before going to the gym or doing wheelchair cardio. I do like these gloves butt I am thinking of picking up some Harbringer gloves to use once in while like when on Vacation and to have as a back-up Official Amazon review of Schiek Sports Schiek Gloves 540. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 3/3/2012
5 Stars
Awesome stains
First I want to say that I've bought a lot of work out gloves in the past and they have all smelled bad, stained my hands after a work out and ripped with only a few times use. I did do my research for gloves this time around and I was still reluctant as many gloves hype themselves out to be the best and in real world use they don't fit the bill. By far these gloves are excellent in my book. No staining after a heavy or mild work out, no bad smell and awesome wrap around the wrists for heavy duty lifting. One really nice feature are the shark fins they put in each finger in order to pull the gloves easily. The padding is awesome on these gloves really sturdy, and well crafted gloves. If you're hesitant don't be these gloves are excellent for all your work out needs. Official Amazon review of Schiek Sports Schiek Gloves 540. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 4/24/2010
5 Stars
Best workout Gloves ever!
These gloves are by FAR the best workout gloves I have ever used. I have gone through about 4 different types in my workouts over the last 16 months, and these far surpass anything else I have ever used! Official Amazon review of Schiek Sports Schiek Gloves 540. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 6/25/2016

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