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BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Universal Weight Machine Multi Station Gym - Single 200 lb. Weight Stack (Heavy Duty Construction)
BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Universal Weight Machine Multi Station Gym - Single 200 lb. Weight Stack (Heavy Duty Construction)

BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Universal Weight Machine Multi Station Gym - Single 200 lb. Weight Stack (Heavy Duty Construction)

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200 lb.Stack

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The BodyCraft Xpress Pro Universal Gym w/ 200 lb. Weight Stack offers many advantages over traditional free weight systems. You will not have to worry about the clutter of plates and dumbbells around your workout area, nor will you have to worry about lifting and changing heavy plates between exercises. All of the exercises are performed with the included 200 lb weight stack. It is great for saving space, and the durable Steel parts will last over a lifetime of fitness. 

This machine offers a wide variety of workouts, including Bench press, Shoulder press, Incline press, Decline press, Lat pull down, Triceps push downs, Twin dumbbell curls, Leg extensions, Leg curls, Squats, Shoulder shrugs, Multi position rows, Abdominal crunches, and Cable Crossovers. With the different exercises available, this home gym has everything you need to maintain a high level of fitness. 

How this Gym Equipment Benefits Your Health:

The great thing about this system is that you can get all of the exercise and variety of workouts you need in the comfort of your own home. You can plan a weekly workout routine that will target almost any area of the body. 

Through continued use, you can build muscle and reduce fat. It is even possible to perform circuit workout routines to build cardiovascular health. Your muscle, strength, and endurance will increase as you spend time perfecting your workout and increasing overall fitness.


  • Row/Press Arm for safe machine style Bench Press, Incline Press, Shoulder Press, and Seated Rows.
  • Leg Extension / Leg Curl provides seated Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curls. The convenient self-aligning feature will accommodate any size user!
  • Mid Pulley for Ab Crunches, Triceps extensions.
  • Innovative Cable Arms Station A great alternative to a set of dumbbells and bench! User Defined Motion The BodyCraft XPress Cable Arms utilize pulleys and cables for unrestricted, completely natural, and biomechanically correct movements. Youdefine the path, providing for a greater, more natural range of motion, which incorporates theuse of stabilizer and core muscle groups - an advantage not found on typical home gyms. The XPress Pro is an effective way to build strength and balance for every day activities, or for recreational sports!
  • High Pulley for Lat Pull Downs, Triceps Pushdowns, etc.!
  • Low Pulley with foot plate for low rows. Fold the foot plate down for leg and hip exercises, arm curls, upright rows, and more!
  • Leg Press/Calf Raise is cabled at a 1:2 ratio for up to 400 pounds resistance on the 200 pound weight stack! This is an optional station for an extra charge.


  • Wide variety of stations
  • Heavy gauge steel tubing
  • Silver Vein powder finish
  • Double stitched vinyl covering
  • 2" thick, high density foam
  • 4-1/2" fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Nylon coated, 7X 19 strand aircraft cable
  • 200 lb Weight Stack
  • Precision milled cast iron plates with nylon bushings for smooth action
  • Perforated Noise dampening steel weight stack guards
  • Chrome plated steel guide rods
  • Internally lubricated bearings
  • Lat Pull Bar, Curl Bar, Ankle Strap and two Single Handles are included.
  • Dimensions are 82.9"L x 56.5"W x 83"H
  • Dimensions are 85.45"W x 90.5"L with optional leg press


  • Residential: Life frame, Life parts
  • Light Commercial: 10 year frame, 2 years parts, 6 months wear items

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