Motivators for Your Workout

More often than not, one of the elements that add fuel and fire to a great workout are the motivators that push us to our limits and break a sweat through our workout sessions. Slumping and losing some motivation at times become inevitable. At certain time you’d just prefer to lie and rest all day. Listed below are the best methods that you can do in order to keep your motivation up and afire for the next months and years to come. These are safe and simple ways to boost your workout motivations.

  • Get yourself a workout partner. Going through your workouts all alone is good. Having a workout partner with you is better. There are different benefits that you can reap out of having a workout buddy with you. First, acting as one of your motivators, your workout partner can help push you by having friendly or serious competition with your partner. You may compete on who gets to bench 250 pounds first, who achieves 25 pull ups first and the like. The motivation that you get by having a competitor beside you is challenging and it pushes you to achieve more, thereby allowing you to gain more out of your workouts.

Aside from the motivation that you get, you will also be safe by having someone to spot you during your heavy weight lifting sessions or sets.

  • Another important factor that you can include for your motivational approach is to prepare your workout clothes a few hours or days before your workout day. Placing your clothes right where you can see them is one good thing to help keep you motivated. This way, you will prepare yourself mentally and no workout sessions will be postponed.
  • In relation to the above statement, one method to keep you motivated and to reduce workout absents is by paying your trainer and/or your gym fee ahead of time. Paying ahead of time means you’ll be prepared ahead of time and it also prompts you to seize every workout sessions since you have already paid in advance.
  • In order to motivate you further to finish your workouts, you can add positive mentality by reading fitness magazines or fitness blogs (like this one :-). Magazines, fitness blogs and fitness websites provide the information that you need for your workouts. The additional moves, tips and motivations will surely keep your mentality towards your workouts fresh and new. Looking at some fitness icons and fitness models are also great methods that you can use to keep you motivated.
  • Another important consideration that you can add for your sessions is to add changes or tweak a few exercises for your workouts. Sometimes, the reason for less motivation is that your workouts tend to go over and over again, with no changes, leading to boredom and eventually plateaus. To avoid this phenomenon, it is vital to change your workout exercises every now and then. Change your workout program every 3 to 5 weeks and see your motivation build up again. In addition to that, changing your program will add new challenges and promote muscle growth.
  • In addition to the previous tip, you can also change your workout to add motivation by changing places of exercises. Instead of going to the gym for your cardio session, you can go outside, jog around the village, run around the park, do pull ups on a tree trunk and many other changes. Changing your environment keeps you off boredom and can even help you socialize which is a motivating factor that you can use to your advantage.
  • Motivations also arise when you track your progress. Before starting out, it is suggested that you take measurements of yourself such as your bicep circumference, the size of your chest, your legs and even the width of your back. After a few months of working out, you can check your progress and will be motivated further when you check to see significant changes in your waistline and the muscle groups you measured a few months before. Knowing that you have progressed will keep you more motivated. However, when no progress is seen, you can check it with your trainer to see what needs to be revised in your training plan or meal plan.
  • Motivation can also be achieved when you join a sport. A sport such as basketball, MMA, volleyball or any sport there is available triggers your competitive side. This way, you will be able to work through your workouts further to keep you strong and consistent with your sport. In addition to that, performance also gets better when you are motivated by having a sport to play that motivates you.

With your teammates, you can also share your workout tips and experiences.

Expressing yourself as well as your concerns help you get motivated by releasing out your anxieties. You may also seek advice from experienced fitness enthusiasts.

  • Watching a great athlete play is also a good motivation. Seeing how basketball superstars, boxing champs or UFC fighters train prompts you to workout harder and get you serious with every workout. Watching how they play live or on tape will also provide you with a certain “fire” that will elevate you with your game as visual motivation plays a key role with your performance.
  • Take a rest. Resting for a few days off from working out is also a good motivation. One of the mistakes that most people make is that they tend to over train which leads to decreased performance, boredom and lesser motivation. Keeping you off from working out for not more than a week is a good method for motivation and promotes recovery as well.


These are the motivators that will help you take your game or workouts to the next level. With a motivation that will help you and certain tweaks to your routine, you’ll certainly avoid plateaus, promote muscle growth and keep you pumped up physically and mentally. So go ahead and apply thee tips and see how you performance surge.

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