7 Reasons to Workout with Your Girlfriend/Wife

Although not many men think of it as being a good decision, working out with the person you love is the best thing you can do. 

Usually men think that taking their girlfriends or wives with them to train is a bad choice, but in reality, doing this is only an advantage for your relationship. 

1) You will have a spotter 

Your girlfriend can be the best spotter you ever had. 

The advantage of having her as your spotter is that you can explain to her what you don’t like from a spotter and also what you would like her to do, you can’t ask that from a stranger at the gym. 

Also, you will have the advantage that you can do forced repetitions, in case that you would like that. 

2) You will have someone to correct your exercises form 

Working out alone, you won’t be able to correct your form on every exercise, but by having your love next to you can help you tremendously, because you will be able to ask her to watch your form. 

This is great mostly because she will be honest and will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong. 

So, basically, she will be your free personal trainer. 

3) Motivate you when you aren’t 

There will be days where you won’t feel like going to the gym or don't want to train intensely, but by bringing your girlfriend to the gym will make those days fade away, mostly because in the moments when you will feel unmotivated she will make you train harder. 

4) Train safely 

Your girlfriend won’t let you do ego lifting or use poor technique when you will train, this will be due to the fact that she will care more about your physical well being than you would during training. 

It is good to have someone to tell when you if you are exceeding your physical capacity, and not let your ego take over. 

5) Increase your exercises diversity 

Your girlfriend can come up with new exercises that you didn’t know or did before. Increasing your diversity in exercises will increase also your interest for training, because training all the time with the same exercises can bore you. 

So, it is nice to spice up the workout with some new stuff. 

6) Having small chats 

Although talking in the gym is not recommended if you want to get serious with your training, chatting occasionally won’t impact your training. Make sure that you chat only when you are changing your weights or adjusting the machines you are working on. 

7) Spending quality time 

Training with your loved one can also be a nice way to spend your time. It will definitely improve your relationship, making it much stronger.  

So as you can see, you don’t have any real reasons to avoid taking your girlfriend to the gym. In fact, there are so many advantages to having her along when you are training that you should be the one to motivate her to come to the gym, and not the other way around.

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