Whey Protein is Your Body Building Partner

If you’re getting ready to get going on a new workout program or simply wondering why you haven’t seen the results you should be from the current one you’re on, you may want to give some consideration to whey protein powder.

Many people aren’t aware of how this supplement can help them or have incorrect notions or beliefs with regards to what whey protein is all about.

Whey protein powder is great for those who want to build up more lean muscle mass, or for those who want to burn off body fat as well, so whichever goal you have, whey protein can help.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that whey protein offers as well as how to select the right one to meet your needs.

Whey Protein And Protein Requirements

The very first reason to consider adding whey protein powder to the mix is because it’s going to really help make it easier to meet your protein requirements for the day. Your protein requirements are pretty much set in your diet plan as your body needs so much of this nutrient to repair and rebuild muscle tissues as well as perform a whole bunch of other body functions.

Neglecting to take in enough protein would mean that your body could potentially start breaking down protein from your muscle cells to use for life-sustaining activities.

Since your primary goal here is to build muscle, not lose muscle, you can see why this is a problem. Meeting those protein requirements is a must and that is what whey protein is designed to do.

Whey Protein And Speed Of Digestion

The second great thing about whey protein powder is that it comes in a few different varieties that vary in terms of speed of digestion.

Immediately following a workout you’re going to want to make sure that you get those nutrients delivered to the muscle cells as fast as you possibly can and that is precisely what whey isolate protein powder will do. They’ll flood those damaged muscles, providing the building blocks they need to jump start the repair and recovery process.

On the other hand, if you select a casein protein powder, this will be digested far more slowly in the body, meaning that you will get a steady release of protein over time.

This is going to be ideal before bed, for example, since this will help to reduce the effects of the overnight fasting period. Your body will have a slowly released stream of nutrients to feed off of.

This also makes casein protein ideal for during the day time period as well if you’re using it to replace snacks or meals.

Whey Protein And Convenience

The third reason why whey protein is your bodybuilding partner is because it’s highly convenient. You basically just mix and go – how could it get simpler than this?

If you lead a busy lifestyle and often don’t have time to be preparing elaborate meals in the kitchen, grilling up chicken breasts, lean beef, or fish, whey protein is going to make sticking with your diet much easier.

Most people will find the time to prepare a lean meat source of protein for their main meals, but the rest of the time it may elude them. Protein power offers a great stand in for snacks. Combine it with a good carb and possibly healthy fat source and you’re set.

Whey Protein And Added Nutrients/Supplements

Another good thing about certain whey proteins is that they also contain added nutrients and supplements as well.

For instance, whey protein is high in calcium content, so if you aren’t eating a high amount of dairy products or supplementing with outside calcium instead, whey protein may be your solution.  With some brands you can take in up to a third of your daily needs per scoop, so this can give you a huge bone boost.

Additionally, some protein powders are also fortified with creatine, which can help to enhance your energy level and prevent fatigue during your workout, increasing your overall performance.

Others are fortified with glutamine, which is a particular amino acid that is heavily involve with the immune system and by getting enough of it, you can make sure that you are recovering properly between your workout sessions.

Not all whey protein powders will have these though, so it’s important to read the label description of any that you plan to buy to see for yourself whether the one you’re thinking of does.

Choosing The Best Whey Protein Powder

So now that you see some of the potential benefits of whey protein powder, how do you go about selecting the right one?

Always look for one that is lower in fat and carbs if your goal is to get lean.  If you are just focused on building as much muscle as possible, you can select one that contains added carbs or fats, but take note that often these will contain excess sugars, which can be problematic even if you are looking to build up lean muscle mass.

In many times you’d simply be better off creating your own protein shake by adding the carbs and fats yourself so that you can be sure they are coming from healthy sources such as oats, frozen fruit, oils, flaxseeds, or nut butters.

By preparing your own protein shake that’s higher in calorie and more supportive of your lean muscle mass building, you are in complete control of the nutritional profile it has and therefore the results that you get from it.

Be leery of use any weight gainer whey protein powders as these do tend to be extremely high in calories – much higher than most people need, and could increase your risk of gaining body fat.

So there you have all the facts that you need to know about why whey protein powder is a smart investment in your fitness and healthy goals. It’s one of the top supplements that you should definitely consider getting your hands on.

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