Tracking the Calories You Burn Per Mile From Walking

In these days of high-tech gadgets, there are various ways of tracking the number of calories you burn per mile while you are walking. There was a time when doing this required the use of a pen and paper, calculator, and various books or formulas but with today’s technology finding out the number of calories you have burned on your daily walk is as simple as pressing a button. With the use of a heart rate monitor or pedometer you can know the total calories you have burned in an instant – much better than working it out with a calculator, don’t you think?


Pedometers are a wonderful little invention that has helped many people on their journey to lose weight. Despite the many and varied options available (ranging in price, brand, and features) at their core, pedometers measure the number of steps taken each day and almost all come with a calorie counter function. Health experts recommend 10, 000 steps a day in order to maintain good health, and in general, this can be achieved with a total of 30 minutes walking, in addition to your normal, everyday moving around. The primary benefit of a pedometer over other fitness gadgets is that you are able to track both your daily steps and daily calories, allowing you to track your walking and calorie goals, as well as calculating the calories you burn for each mile you walk.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are very popular among athletes and the general public alike. Almost anyone who is serious about exercise and achieving their fitness goals will wear a heart rate monitor. Like pedometers, heart rate monitors come in a variety of styles, brands, and prices, and in addition to monitoring your heart rate, at the very basic level, they also include a calorie counter, stopwatch, and target zone. If you prefer to focus on working out at a certain level rather than how many steps you take each day, a heart rate monitor is a great investment. Heart rate monitors also give you the option of lap or spilled times so you can work out the time it took to walk each mile and the calories you have burned.

Setting your pedometer or heart rate monitor

As wonderful as pedometers and heart rate monitors are, if you are using them to track the calories you burn walking each day it is important that you set them to suit you personally. Most monitors come pre-set at 154 lbs, which is the average weight used to calculate calories burned. Both pedometers and heart rate monitors can be adjusted to suit your current weight and in some cases height and age. This information is then used by the internal calculator to calculate the number of calories you have burned for the amount of time you have exercised. Setting your pedometer or monitor is probably the most important part of using these gadgets, especially if you weigh more or less than 154 lbs.

Pedometers and heart rate monitors certainly make life much easier for many people. Like many things in life, calculating the number of calories you have burned during exercising is only fun if you enjoy that type of thing and most people don’t. Pedometers and heart rate monitors take the hassle out of knowing if you have burned enough calories each day and how many you have burned per mile walking. So unless you are a traditionalist who prefers to do it themselves, investing in a pedometer or heart rate monitor and setting it to your personal requirements makes know the number of calories burned per mile on your daily walk much easier to work out.

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