4 Routines to Blast Your Triceps

The triceps play a crucial role whether you play any kind of sport that requires arm strength and stability or when you simply pose your muscles at the beach. It also makes up the majority of your total arm size and circumference. In order to help you gain an edge both in aesthetic and athletic reasons, here is a routine that you can follow in order to develop strength and size to your tris.

Start this routine with a simple body weight exercise called the diamond push-ups. Then, follow up with the rest of the exercises shown with 90 seconds of rest in between sets. Perform the exercises for 12 to 15 repetitions. You can include this routine after each session or as a stand-alone program. Perform this routine three days a week with a day or two of rest in between sessions.

1) The Diamond Push Ups

  1. Perform a conventional push up position but with a slight variation of putting your hands close together, so that the two index fingers and the two thumbs touch each other and form a diamond shape.
  2. Straighten your legs out behind you and contract your quadriceps and brace your abs so your body forms a straight line all throughout the movement.

Then lower yourself slowly until your chests or your nose almost touches the floor, and then explode back up to raise your body as a unit. That’s one rep. Perform for as many reps as you can for three to four reps.

2) Seated Triceps Presses

  1. Start out by grasping a barbell with an overhand grip and hands closed together. Continue by raising the bar overhead with your arms locked out. By maintaining your elbows stationary and close to your head, lower the bar down as low as possible in an arc behind your head until you feel the stretch in your arms. Remember that only the forearms should move in this exercise.
  2. From the position, utilizing only the muscles of the triceps, press the bar back up to the full stretch overhead. Perform for 12 to 15 reps for three to four reps. You may also use an EZ bar on an inclined bench.

3) One Arm Dumbbell Extensions

  1. While sitting on a bench press machine, hold the dumbbell with a single hand and hold it extended over head. Similar to the barbell press, lower the dumbbells down behind your head but not behind your shoulder in an arc until you finally feel the stretch.
  2. Feel for the stretch then return to the starting position by pushing the weight back up with only your triceps performing the move, with only the forearms utilizing the move. Perform your reps with a single hand then repeat with the other.

 4) Dips

  1. Take hold of the parallel bars and raise yourself up with your arms locked out. As you bend your elbows and lower yourself down, try to keep your torso upright as possible. By maintaining your body in a straight position, you maintain the stress in your triceps.
  2. From the bottom position, push yourself back up and lock your arms out while squeezing your arms for the full contraction. You can also increase the tension and challenge in this exercise by wearing a weight belt for additional resistance.

The triceps play a crucial role whether you play hoops, fight in the ring or when you simply chop wood. it is important to note that the triceps development take time and discipline in order to see great results. Make sure that you perform the exercises shown above with proper form and with the supervision of a trainer to avoid injuries and unnecessary strains.

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