Exercises for Physical Fitness

Physical fitness has always been associated with exercise, weight lifting, proper diet and nutrition, as well as ample rest to recover from the daily stresses that the human body receives daily. It has always been defined as an overall ability to perform routine tasks or exercise related activities within a certain level. Once it has been defined as the ability to perform the days’ activities without fatigue. However, during the recent years it has been associated with a man’s capacity to perform leisure and work activities with less stress, the immunity to fight diseases and the presence of mind and performance to handle emergency situations.

There are several ways in order to meet the qualifications to become a physically fit individual. One of these methods includes exercising and performing them properly and efficiently. There are different aspects that measure the physical fitness of a man at certain events. Moreover, majority of these tests include strength, speed, flexibility and endurance. Below are the best exercises that you can do to become physically fit.

Performing cardio exercises.

There are different cardio exercises that you can do in order to build endurance which is a building block of a fit physique. If you haven’t performed any cardio exercise for the past years, it is essential for you to start the following routine and exercises for thirty to forty five minutes per session with a day or two of rest in between. Perform these once or twice a week. You can then start adding five to ten minutes per workout as you progress.

  • Cycling. Going on the bicycle is one of the best exercises that you can perform for your cardio workouts. This is because of the vital benefits that you can reap out of this exercise. First of all, it helps build the muscles of the legs which are the primary muscles you use when using the bicycle. It also aides in core stability as your abs and lower back work harder as you stride to go through long tracks. Challenging tracks include going through an unfamiliar trail or going uphill and downhill. Make sure your equipment and your gears are always ready before each exercise session.
  • Running/jogging. Probably the cheapest and the most accessible cardio routine around, running and jogging provides the best cardio exercise around. It helps build stamina, core stability and over all muscle toning experience. When jogging or running, it is best to perform this exercise with proper form. With each stride, make sure that you land on the balls of your foot. This ensures proper balance and strength to move through each step. Maintain a straight torso by keeping your chest up, your core tight and face up while running or jogging. You can run on a pavement at the beginning of your cardio sessions. Afterwards, you can also add tweaks to your sessions by running uphill or by the seashore. However, make sure that when you run at these settings, you are properly warmed up and are wearing the appropriate clothing as these terrains are unforgiving to the knees.
  • Jumping rope. Using the jumping rope is a great cardio workout. This exercise provides hand to feet coordination. It is even used by most athletes to increase their reaction times. This exercise develops the legs, the arms, the core and almost every muscle in the body aside from being a great endurance workout. Guidelines in this exercise include landing with the balls of your feet while using the wrists only as you rotate the ropes.

 Strength exercises.

There are different exercises that you can perform with your strength gaining routine. The most basic and still the most efficient exercises include the bench press, the squat, the dead lift, pull ups and the bridge exercise. These exercises develop the muscles of the chest, the legs, the lower back, the totality of the back and the core respectively.  Perform these exercises three times a week using an 8 to 10 rep scheme of four to five sets. Your sessions must be done three to four times a week using a stand-alone work out session which means it must not be preceded or followed by a hard cardio workout.

  • The Bench Press. Start this exercise by lying flat on a bench with your feet on the floor for maintaining your balance. Then lift the bar off the rack and hold them straight at arms’ length above you. Lower the bar slowly until they are almost at your pectorals just below the lower chest. Keep your elbows pointed outwards in order to involve your chests fully during the exercise. The bar must come to a complete stop, and then push the bar back up until your arms are fully locked out. This exercise develops strength, muscle density and muscle mass.
  • The squat. The squat develops the legs, the shoulders, the lower back and the core which makes it a total body exercise. It is probably one of the hardest strength building exercises around so read on and get the details to get this exercise properly. Start this exercise by facing the barbell rack and by stepping under it so that it rests on your shoulders. Hold on to the bar to balance it, and step away from the rack. By keeping your back straight, with your chest up and head up, lower yourself by bending in your knees until your legs are almost parallel to the floor. From this point on, push yourself up and return to the starting position. The basic stance for this exercise is with your feet shoulder width apart with the toes slightly pointed out.
  • The pull ups. This taxing and hard upper body exercise helps develop over all back strength as well as core and bicep stability and endurance. The first step to this exercise is by taking hold of the chinning bar, with your arms as wide as apart as possible. Hang from the bar and pull yourself up until your chests almost touch the bar. This is a very strict exercise so try not to kick with your legs or swing yourself upward. You can also maintain balance by pulling your legs to your butt behind you. Perform this exercise for 3 to 4 sets for as many reps as you can.
  • The dead lift. This exercise primarily develops the lower back and the hamstrings. Perform this exercise by placing a barbell on the floor in front of you. Then grasp the bar in an overhand grip with the palms facing towards you. Maintain a straight back to keep you away from strain. Then continue the lift by driving with your legs and straightening up until you are standing upright. Throw your chest up and your shoulders back as you go straight. As you lower the weight, bend your knees and lower the weight to the floor before starting the next rep.
  • The bridge exercise. This exercise is simple but it develops the core effectively. Start this exercise by assuming a push up position but with your forearms supporting you weight. Keep your legs straight by squeezing your quads and bracing your abs as you maintain this position. Hold this exercise for 30 seconds then rest. Start again for another set for 30 seconds.


Flexibility is one of the major aspects of being a physically fit. There are simple and efficient exercises that you can do to develop flexibility.

  • The quadriceps stretch. Do this exercise by standing and grasping a bar or a wall for balance. Then grasp your left foot and by pulling the foot backwards to your buttocks. Maintain this position as you feel the stretch on your quadriceps. Hold this exercise for 30 seconds. Perform the stretch on your other leg.
  • The shoulder blade stretch. Start this stretch by grasping a towel behind you, with your right hand over your head and the other pulling the towel downwards. Feel the stretch as you pull the towel upwards with your right, and the left pulling the towel downwards behind you. Hold this position for 30 seconds, switch hands, then rest and repeat for another 3 to 4 sets.

The hamstring stretch. Perform this exercise by sitting on the floor with your legs out straight. Extend your arms and reach forward by bending at the waist as far as you can by keeping your knees straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds then repeat.


These are some of the ways in order to develop your physical fitness with the most efficient exercises that you can do. Of course, it is best to perform the exercises with proper form and supervision from a trainer. These exercises are basic developers for strength, endurance as well as flexibility. These aspects of physical capabilities all come in handy whether you perform activities at work or when you do simple tasks at home. So go ahead and get these exercises to your current program and stay fit and healthy.

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