Not Giving Up On Your Fitness Goals Builds Character

When beginning a new fitness program, motivation is high but it doesn’t take long for that eagerness to slip away. After a few weeks time, once the novelty wears off, it can be quite difficult to stay on track. If you stick with it however, you will find that not giving up on your fitness goals builds character and if you can find a way to get over the hump, you’ll be a better, healthier person for it.

Self Pride

If you persevere through your fitness program when the going gets tough, you will find there are many opportunities to pat yourself on the back. The sense of self-pride that this perseverance creates is one of the many ways that not giving up on your fitness goals builds character.

Perhaps you dragged yourself to the gym on a rainy day when you just wanted to curl up on the couch with a good book. Or you pushed through an extra set of squats or ran that extra mile when your legs where screaming at you to stop. Maybe you tuned down the apple fritter that was sitting in the staff room, calling your name.

Many circumstances will arise during your fitness program that will be an opportunity to prove to yourself that yes, in fact you can do this. You will become more and more proud of the strong person you are with each accomplishment.

Patience and Appreciation

We live in a world of impulsivity and impatience. We want what we want and we want it now. In reality, it’s a very childish attitude. Fad diets and gimmicky fitness gadgets have become a billion dollar industry based on our impatience and impulsivity. Once you accept that you will not reach all of your fitness goals overnight, you’ll replace that impatience with some much needed focus.

Not giving up on your fitness goals builds character by forcing you to develop the trait of patience, which leads to a true appreciation of what you have earned. Let’s face it, no matter what those infomercials promise, you will not see a washboard belly in a couple weeks time if you have fifty pounds to lose. Any fitness goal that is going to last and serve you well takes time to achieve.

When we put time, effort and discipline into something we so desperately desire, we tend to appreciate it much more than if it’s simply handed over to us.


It’s not easy to drag yourself to the gym on a cold, rainy, dark morning knowing you have to perform numerous squats and pull ups. It can be even more difficult to turn down your favourite dessert when it’s placed in front of you.

During your journey to the fit life, you will come across daily occurrences that test your ability to remain self-disciplined. Turning down certain foods, planning your meals and workouts, running that extra tough mile and persevering through the last set of rows will only make you a better, stronger person both physically and mentally.

Once you Get There

Owning a sense of self-pride while practicing patience and self-discipline are all great personality traits. You will experience all of these things if you adhere to a fitness program to the best of your efforts. This is how not giving up on your fitness goals builds character, personality and perhaps best of all, a lean, healthy physique.

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