Low Blood Sugar Symptoms You Should Know

As you go about your diet program, one thing that you need to be aware of and prepared should the event occur is low blood sugar.  Some people tend to suffer from low blood sugar symptoms more frequently than others and there are many factors that can influence this. 

For instance, your activity level, your current body weight and body composition, as well as your degree of insulin sensitivity are all going to influence how your body processes and utilizes the carbohydrates you eat. 

By being aware of the low blood sugar symptoms you should know about, you can ensure that you maintain your levels in a healthier range, which then means you will feel better as you go about your day. Let’s have a look at the main ones that you should know about. 

Feeling Weak/Fatigued 

The very first symptom to know about and recognize should it occur is the feeling of instant weakness or a high degree of fatigue. If you suddenly notice that you go from being energized to suffering from a significant slump this is likely due to the fact that your blood sugar level has crashed. 

If this occurs during an exercise session, as you can imagine, it can become quite dangerous, very quickly, so is something you need to be monitoring. 

Light Headedness 

Next those who are suffering from low blood sugar symptoms will also often notice they start to feel lightheaded. You may find that you have trouble walking or standing up if in the seated position. 

This can occur due to blood pressure changes as well (going from sitting to standing), so see if it normalizes within a minute or two. If it doesn’t, chances are it’s due to low blood sugar, not blood pressure. 

Instant And Intense Hunger 

Moving long, the next of the main low blood sugar symptoms to be more aware of is an instant and intense feeling of hunger. If you are fine one minute and the next you’re experiencing hunger that’s so strong you simply cannot ignore it, that’s also a sign of low blood sugar. 

Typically low blood sugar hunger comes on rather suddenly, while normal hunger is a slow process and more of a low ache-type of pain. 

Low blood sugar hunger is sharp and demanding. 

Feeling Shaky/Jittery/Anxious 

The next of the symptoms that often will occur is feeling very shaky and/or jittery. Some people will also find they have a sense of anxiety occurring and they definitely don’t feel like their normal selves. 

Upon eating, these feelings will reside so that’s how you can quickly tell if it was low blood sugar causing the problem. 

So there you have the main symptoms associated with low blood sugar levels. If you do experience these, take a small dose of fast acting carbohydrates – a piece of fruit, some candy, or some glucose tablets to bring your blood sugar back up to the healthy range.

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