5 Healthiest High Protein Foods

If you’re on a mission to improve our nutrition as well as lean out, losing the fat that’s plagued you for far too long, adding some of the top high protein foods to your diet plan is a must for success.

High protein foods are going to offer numerous benefits to your diet but sadly, these are the foods that so many people typically fall short in.

High protein foods are the foods that do tend to take the longest to prepare and cook, and can also be quite pricey depending on the variety that you choose. That said, it is still relatively easy to meet your protein requirements on a budget as long as you shop wisely and pick out the proper sources of high quality protein.

Eating high protein foods will offer numerous benefits to your diet and workout program because these are the foods that do tend to keep hunger under control best, they’re the foods that will boost the metabolic rate simply by eating them because they require extra energy just to break down and digest, and furthermore, they are the food that will keep blood sugar levels stable.

From both a general well-being sense as well as a fat loss sense, it’s hard to beat these benefits.

So which are the top high protein foods that you should be including in your diet plan? Let’s give you a brief run-down so that you know where to turn your attention to.

1) Lean Chicken Breast

The first of the high protein foods to try and eat multiple times per week (and in some cases, even two or more times per day depending on your diet plan) is lean chicken breast.

Lean chicken breast is excellent because it’s very low in fat, carb-free, and can be prepared using a number of different cooking methods. You can grill it, bake it, poach it, stir-fry it, boil it, slow-cook it, or if you’re really in need of a meal on the go, you can microwave it as well (although this tends to be a less tasty method of cooking).

Most people shouldn’t have any problem finding a way to prepare lean chicken breast in a manner that they enjoy it, so it’s not hard to incorporate it into your diet plan.

Providing almost 27 grams of protein per 3 oz. serving, this will quickly help you get your daily intake up.

2) Egg Whites

The second of the high protein foods that you should be eating regularly are egg whites. Egg whites are ideal for breakfast as they’re quick to cook and can also be made a few different ways as well.

Egg whites are considered a high volume food, meaning that you will get lots of bulk when eating them for few calories.  When on an intense fat loss diet where it can start to feel like your meals are becoming smaller than ever, adding more high volume foods is a great way to overcome this feeling.

These foods will help to fill you up better due to the fact that they’ll take up more room in your stomach.

3) Cottage Cheese

The third of the high protein foods to eat on a regular basis is cottage cheese. Far too many people make the mistake of cutting out dairy from their diet entirely and this is a huge error. Dairy products are not only high in protein if you choose the right varieties, but they’re also rich in calcium, which will help to promote strong bones, increase muscular contraction rates, and help to prevent cramping as well.

Furthermore, it’s been demonstrated that a high calcium diet, with the calcium coming from dairy products rather than supplements, can help to accelerate the rate of abdominal fat loss as well.

So for anyone who is looking to get a slimmer stomach, these are great foods to turn to. Cottage cheese is one of the lower at sources of dairy and also contains a form of protein known as casein protein, which breaks down and digests more slowly in the body over time.

This makes it an ideal protein choice before bed.

4) Salmon

Moving along, salmon is the next of the high protein foods that you should be eating on a regular basis.  Salmon is great because it’s high in protein as well as rich in omega fats, which are going to provide numerous health benefits.

Taking in enough omega fats is vital to your health as they will help to boost insulin sensitivity, decrease your risk of many diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, as well as stroke, and can also help to boost your mood and make you feel better overall.

You should be aiming to eat salmon at least twice a week for best benefits, if not more often.

Be aware that salmon is slightly higher in calories than some of the other high protein foods we’ve listed, so just be sure that you do measure out your serving size carefully.

5) Lean Steak

Finally, the last of the high protein foods to consider adding to your diet is lean steak. Lean steak is great because not only is it a good source of quality protein, but it’s also a great source of iron as well.

This is an important nutrient for anyone who is looking to maintain intense workout sessions because iron is what ensures that you have a healthy level of red blood cells, which move oxygen to the muscle tissues.

If your red blood cell count drops and you become less effective at delivering oxygen to the muscles, you’ll fatigue incredibly quickly when performing any type of intense activity.

Just make sure that the steak you’re purchasing is a lean variety as these can get quite high in fat if you aren’t careful.

So there you have the top high protein foods to be adding to your diet. Make sure that you aren’t missing out on these as they will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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