Reasons Why Health and Fitness are Connected

Exercise is medicine. It keeps the body well-tuned and functioning efficiently. If a brand-new automobile is rarely driven, its performance level will diminish over time. The human body’s level of fitness is a determining factor in how it responds to stresses from daily living as well as exposure to toxins and foreign invaders. Here are some specific reasons why health and fitness are connected.

There exists a direct correlation between health and fitness. For example, being overweight is often a precursor to conditions like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Achieving and maintaining a good level of fitness coupled with a healthy diet is critical to weight control.

Performing regular dedicated exercise improves cardiovascular function and oxygen delivery to the tissues and organs. Good circulation means higher energy levels, better endurance, and more rapid tissue repair. Blood pressure is more easily managed by increasing the frequency and intensity of physical activity.

The aging process is degenerative. Posture suffers, muscle tissue may atrophy and lose flexibility, and bone density decreases. These conditions can result in a loss of coordination and make one more prone to accidents. The resulting injuries may be more serious. In older adults, bone fractures and breaks become more prevalent. Joint replacement surgeries are more common. Maintaining some level of strength and flexibility training is great for bone and joint health. Failure to do so leads to restricted mobility, disfigurement, and poorer quality of life.

Mental health, emotional stress, and overall mood are all positively impacted by regular exercise. Fitness facilitates clear thinking and improved cognitive ability. It also relieves stress and removes tension from the body. The endorphins released during and after exercise lead to feelings of happiness and contentment. Exercise has been known to reduce and/or eliminate symptoms of depression as well as grief.

A more uncommon connection between health and fitness is an improved quality of sleep. Not only will it be easier to fall asleep, fitness will make for a higher quality of sleep for longer periods of time. Quality sleep leads to successful weight management, higher energy, faster healing, clearer thinking, and better overall moods.

When considering overall wellness, personal relationships may be improved by maintaining an active lifestyle. Being socially well means spending time with friends, family, and loved ones. Joining a walking or running club, playing a team sport, or finding a workout partner can have a positive effect on mental and physical health.

In order to be healthy, it is vital that a wellness lifestyle be adopted. Recognizing the connection that exists between health and fitness is the first step towards developing that lifestyle. Getting and staying fit has a wide variety of health benefits. To summarize, fitness enables successful weight management, blood pressure in healthy ranges, stress management, strong immune system function, better mental health and cognitive function, better sleep habits, and even better interpersonal relationships. Implementing a consistent fitness routine into daily life will help to prevent a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases.


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