4 Ways To Gain Weight And Build Muscle

Looking for information on how to gain weight and add more lean muscle mass to your frame? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people set out with the goal to completely transform their body, creating a brand new look that they can feel proud of.

If this is in fact your goal, as you go about your approach it’s going to be essential that you understand some of the key requirements that need to be in place if you hope to build muscle quickly.

Let’s go over what you need to know.

1. Provide An Overloading Stimulus

The very first requirement that must be in place if you are going to learn how to gain weight is an overloading stimulus.  The overloading stimulus is what will cause tiny tears in the muscle tissue that then have to repaired back up so that you grow back stronger than you were before.

It’s this process of breaking down the muscle tissue and building it back up that causes the progress that you’re looking for. If you simply subject your muscles to the same weight that it can easily handle, you won’t be causing any breakdown to occur.

2. Eat A Higher Calorie Diet

The second must-have requirement for muscle gain is a higher calorie diet.  Since you can’t build new muscle out of thin air, you must be supplying more calories than your body needs to maintain its weight each day.

The body will then use these extra calories to repair the muscle tissues from the first part of the equation listed above and to build new muscle on top of that.

Eating around 250-500 calories per day over and above your maintenance requirement is what is recommended for best results.

3. Rest

Moving along, rest is the next critical element to success.  Resting enough on a weekly basis will be critical because it’s during the rest process that you grow back stronger.

If you aren’t getting enough rest, instead you’ll just continue to break the muscle tissues down further and further, growing weaker in the process.

You need to break them down and then make sure that you provide them time to grow back stronger. If this element of the equation is missing, you won’t be seeing the results that you’re after.

4. Add Variety

Finally, the last thing that needs to be in place as you learn how to gain weight is variety.  Variety is going to be what provides that overloading stimulus that we mentioned at the start of this article.

If you aren’t changing something around in your workout program to include variety, you aren’t giving your muscles a reason to change.  Instead, they’ll just maintain the status quo and you’ll look just as you always did.

Do something different.  Perform a different exercise, do more sets, alter your rep range, or use a different workout split entirely.

As long as something is changing, you can feel confident you’re on the path to a more muscular body.

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