Bust The Dreaded Plateau With Front Squats!

Every now and then, the dreaded plateau hits every gym rat trying to grow their legs and trying to increase overall total body strength and stability for better athletic performance. When you have tried everything from squats to leg extensions of 350 pounds but still to no avail, it’s about time to add a little tweak to your routine by adding the front squats during your legs routine.

The front squats work the same way as the conventional squat. The same principles of the squat exercise also apply with the front type of squat but target the quadriceps harder, the gluteal muscles, the outside sweep of the thighs, as well as the calves. It is also a great total body workout since it forces you to brace your abs, and to maintain stability to your shoulders as your carry the load in front of you, under your front deltoids.

The Basic Squat to Front

  1. Start this exercise by setting up in front of the squat rack. Bring your arms up under the bar while maintaining your elbows high and by crossing arms, while grasping the bar with your hands controlling it.
  2. Start slow by lifting the weight off the rack. Step back from the squat rack, and separate your feet to shoulder width to wider than shoulder width apart for balance. You may also rest your feet on a low block for balance.
  3. Afterwards, bend your knees while keeping your head up and your torso straight; lower yourself until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Then return to the starting position by pushing yourself back up.
  4. Do this exercise with proper form strictly by making sure your back is straight. If possible, perform all your squat exercises in front of a mirror.

Perform this exercise as a starting workout for your legs day or as a final exercise for your routine. Perform 12 to 15 reps of three to four sets.

  • When performing the exercise for the first time, it is essential to ask for the help of a trainer. You may start out by utilizing low to medium weights in order to avoid injury. If you fail to keep your back straight for the first few reps you could be using heavy weights so decreasing your poundage is necessary.
  • Always perform warm up sessions to prepare your muscle and joints for the upcoming stress and to avoid strains.
  • Another vital point in this exercise is to make sure your keep your head up by looking up, or maintaining a straight view ahead in front of you. This way, maintaining a straight torso becomes easier.
  • There is also a good variation of this exercise which is done by performing half squats-same squats performed by going only half way through the exercise.

Front squats provide the additional tweak to your workout that will bust out any plateau that hinders growth and development for the legs. Performing the front type squat with strict movement, and proper execution makes the exercise effective and you, injury free.

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