How To Avoid Common Diet Busters

Much of the world is on a diet on any given day, and there are some major mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight on their own.  There is so much information out there telling you what to do to quickly and easily drop pounds that we expect the weight to fall off immediately. There is a great deal of disappointment when this does not happen.  Healthy weight loss usually comes at around one to two pounds per week.  If you are diligently working at weight loss and just not meeting this goal then there are some common  diet busters you may be falling victim too.

Take a good look at what you are drinking. It is really easy to take in thousands of calories a day in beverages alone. Coffee with sugary syrups and creamers, fruit juices, exercise drinks and smoothies can all contain over five hundred calories each. Try choosing water as often as possible and when you need something different choose unsweetened herbal tea, black coffee, or a stevia sweetened diet drink. These low to calorie free options will help you stay on track.

Watch out for restaurant salads. These Diet Busters love to add shredded cheese, eggs, bacon and lots of creamy dressings to make them more appealing. Nuts and seeds can also add up quickly. The portion distortion of restaurant serving sizes can easily corrupt the decision. Fried chicken strips added to the top of your salad can set you back hundreds of calories.  Try making your own salads or swapping out vinegar and olive oil for a healthier dressing.

Diet Buster Stress Eating can get us in a lot of trouble. Try using alternative methods to de-stress. Choose a bubble  bath or take some alone time. Exercise is an excellent stress reducer that can also help you maintain your weight loss focus.

Plate size can be tricky, most of our dinner plates are far too large for a reasonable meal. The proper plate size is around 9 inches and this will still have empty space between your servings. Try using the new plate method to visualize the proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Grazing and Snacking are an easy way to pack in extra calories. Be sure to plan your day ahead of time and have a couple of wonderful and healthy snacks with you. Vegetables and fruits are excellent choices. Pack all snacks in appropriate serving size baggies to avoid over eating when you are feeling hungry.

When you hit the gym, don't forget to hit the weights, adding muscle to your body will help you burn more calories.

Diet Buster Too Strict to Live With: Make sure that when you have a major desire to eat a cookie, you go ahead and eat a cookie. Do not limit yourself completely. Portion control is the key, not abstinence.  You should be able to continue eating healthier and enjoying the foods you are eating for the rest of your life.

Article Inspired by the Insights of Bailey Shiffler, Special to the Baltimore Sun

Bailey Shiffler/Chicago Tribune/April 18 2012/Diet Busting Behaviors and How to Avoid Them,

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