4 Biceps Blaster Exercises

Ask any guy out there on which muscle group he likes to develop the soonest possible time and most likely, you’ll get shoulders, the chest and of course the bicep. The top arm workouts are here for you to include in your next workout. Whether you go for a split training or a twice a week total body workout, these exercises will definitely blast your guns efficiently to help you build mass and definition. This will also help you achieve athlete-level performance in strength and stability, whether you perform your activities of daily living or go for your next ball game. 

1) Close Grip Chin Ups 

This exercise is the single most effective exercise that you need to perform to build mass and strength in your arms. In addition to that, this also targets the lower part of the latissimus dorsi muscles also called the lats. In addition to building the bi’s, it also aids in creating definition and separation among the serratus anterior muscles, the finger-like muscles below the chests. 

  1. Start the exercise by standing in front of a pull-up bar. Then perform the next step by hanging with your hands approximately three inches apart and your arms fully extended. Then lean your head back slightly, and pull yourself up until your chests almost touches the bar. 
  2. Lower your body once again, to the starting position but with your arms not fully stretched. 
  3. You can pull your legs towards your butt to ease the weight and minimize the swinging of your upper body. You can also perform this exercise using a double d handle instead of using a straight pull up bar. Perform this exercise for as many reps as you can for three to four sets. You can also use weights to add challenge to this exercise. 

2) Standing Bar Curls 

This specific exercise is probably the most famous among the exercises around. This is an efficient addition to your bicep workouts that will help build size and strength. 

  1.  Perform the exercise by standing with your feet approximately shoulder width apart. While holding a loaded barbell with an underhand grip, let the bar hang in front of you at about arm’s length. 
  2. Then curl the barbell in a wide crescent arc upwards as high as possible while maintaining your elbows close to your torso and keeping them stationary throughout the move. Contract your arm muscles at the top of the move to maximize the efficiency of the exercise. Maintain the wide arc of the movement during the upward lift instead of just raising the bar in a straight line as doing such will minimize the stress on your bi’s thereby easing the action. 
  3. Return to the starting position by lowering the barbell slowly in the same wide arc you performed when you curled the bar upwards. However, slowly curl the bar downwards until your arms are almost fully extended. 
  4. Using a small momentum of movement in this exercise is alright as long as you don’t cheat by overly moving backward and forwards when performing this exercise as doing such will minimize the movement’s efficiency. Perform this exercise for 8 to 10 reps for three to four sets using heavy weights possible. 

3) Preacher Curls 

This is an arm blaster that helps build the muscles of your arms especially the lower portion of the arms. Take note that this exercise is stricter than the above-mentioned barbell curls. 

  1. Start this by positioning yourself in front of the bench or a preacher curl machine with your chests against the pads, while your arms extend over it. Doing this will put stress on the muscles of the lower brachialis portion. Then take hold of the bar using an underhand grip (your palms facing towards you). 
  2. While firmly holding the bar, curl the bar up as high as possible, using the arcing principle mentioned in the barbell curl. Flex and contract your arms at the top of the movement to efficiently involve the muscles while holding your torso steady throughout the exercise. 
  3. From this position, lower the bar slowly while resisting the weight of the bar. Avoid leaning forward or backward as you lift and lower the bar to maintain strict movement of this exercise. 
  4. You can also perform this exercise using your trusty old dumbbells. Performing the preacher curls with your arms close together targets the outer portion of the arms, while curling with your arms slightly wider with the dumbbells targets the inner arms more. Perform this exercise for 10 to 12 reps using moderate weights for three to four sets. 

4) Inclined Dumbbell Curls 

This exercise helps stretch the arms and promotes overall development of your guns. 

  1. Start by holding a pair of dumbbells in each hand while sitting back on an incline bench. While keeping your elbows up forward through the duration of the exercise, curl the weights up using the arcing principle of the barbell curl up to the shoulder level. 
  2. Then lower the weights down while controlling them and remember to pause at the bottom to keep the momentum from swinging as you move the dumbbells upwards for the next repetition. Performing the curl with your palms facing each other at the bottom and rotating your wrists at the top so your little finger is higher than your thumbs is efficient to involve the biceps strictly. 
  3. Perform this exercise for 10 to 12 reps using moderate weights for three to four sets. 
These are the most efficient bicep workouts that you can include in your next routine to get your guns blazing for your next game. Be sure to seek for the help of a trainer when performing these exercises to avoid injury. Proper rest and recuperation is also necessary to help recover your muscles after working out. Perform your bi’s routine two times a week, along with other muscles groups to maintain symmetry and upper and lower body proportion.

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