The Benefits of Morning Exercise

Finding the time to exercise is not always easy and it is all too easy to procrastinate and put it off. By exercising in the morning you can put a stop to the many reasons to avoid exercise later in the day and set yourself up for a great day full of energy.

Improves your mood and energy

Exercise is a fantastic way to increase your energy levels and improve your mood thanks to the release of endorphins (our body’s own feel good chemicals). But it is not always easy to be in the mood to visit the gym or go for a run, especially when the weather outside is bad or you have a lot on your plate.

Morning exercise is a great way to prepare for the day. Not only will you get a morning boost of endorphins to help elevate your mood for the day ahead but you’ll receive an energy boost. Your morning exercise can set you up for the day ahead and put the day into a positive light.

Morning exercise has numerous benefits and doesn’t need to be hard. Just 15 minutes is enough to get you started and best of all, you can start the day knowing you have done something good for yourself and your body.

Stops you from procrastinating

Let’s be honest – everybody at some point has procrastinated about going to the gym and has, on occasion, headed home after work instead. It is all too easy to get caught up in the day and be so busy that there is no time for exercise. But morning exercise takes the hassle out of finding the time or energy to exercise.

Exercising in the morning before the day takes over is a great option for busy people and helps to reduce much of the stress a busy lifestyle can create. By starting the day on a natural high from exercise, you will not only have more energy and be in a happier mood but have one less thing on your to do list.

Burns fat

Morning exercise, especially before breakfast, can be very beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. Exercising on an empty stomach allows your body to focus on using your fat stores for energy.  Following this with a good quality breakfast to fuel your metabolism and you’ll be amazed at how it can help your fat burning ability.

This is a method that doesn’t work for everyone (some people need to eat before exercise due to health conditions, medication etc.) but if you can handle working out on an empty stomach then this could work for you.

Regular exercise has many benefits but all too many of us find life taking over throughout the day until we realize there’s just no time. But exercising in the morning can take away the pressure of finding the time to care for your health. If you find yourself constantly procrastinating over exercise or simply find life gets in the way of visiting the gym, it may be time to give morning exercise a try. What better way to start the day than on the natural high exercise can provide.

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