Can Avocado Oil Help You Stay Healthy?

New studies are revealing that avocado oil may be extremely beneficial to your health. The substance is rich in anti-oxidant properties that can help the body to battle a variety of diseases. With a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables and healthy fats such as avocado the body can fight the effects of toxin build up and environmental factors.

The body is exposed to a variety of foods and chemicals that do not help the body to function at it's most efficient. Choosing to partake in a diet of foods that contain dark reds, blues and purples can help to boost the anti-oxidant intake. The specific properties within avocado oil are showing promise in reducing the bad fats within the blood, as well as providing essential fatty acids.

Avocado oil is a wonderfully rich oil that can easily be used to create simple dressings for salads and other dishes, when mixed with fresh herbs it makes a stunning marinade for meats. The benefits of avocado can be found in it's raw form as well for those that love the creaminess of the fruit.

With the popularity of the Mediterranean diet, the introduction of Avocado oil added to the use of olive oil as the oils of choice in every kitchen can ensure that better health is just around the corner. Try replacing all of the lower quality oils with fresh and healthy, cold pressed avocado oil and olive oi.

With so much attention on finding simple ways that food and fitness can improve your health and quality of life a change as effective and easy to apply as using a new oil in place of the old unhealthy versions should be a pleasant surprise.

Though the research is still ongoing to determine the full potential of using Avocado oil on a regular basis, the initial findings are highly suggestive that Avocado oil may become as popular as olive oils as a healthy choice for health conscious individuals.

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