Workout equipment product education is all about guiding you to achieve top fitness. Here you will find information about workout equipment, cardio exercise machines, gym workout weights, and much more.  All of the products at WorkoutHealthy have their own unique way to ensure you achieve a strong, energetic and healthy body.

Weight Lifting Equipment

Get extremely effective barbells, dumbbells and other weight lifting equipment at great prices. We sell quality equipment that has a good client following and have a proven track record of delivering top fitness.

Home Multi Gyms

Get great a home multi gym from us at an unbelievable price. We will help you set up a comprehensive home gym that will be a great substitute for commercial gyms. These comprehensive home gyms will help you have a strong and defined physique.

Workout Free Weights

Workout free weights are great and they can yield great results quickly and without any hassles. Buy highly effective and convenient dumbbells and weight plates from us, and you will see the benefits quickly.

Workout Dumbbells

We bring to you great workout dumbbells that are designed to give your upper body that perfect physique. You can be sure of the best quality at reasonable prices.

The Best Adjustable Dumbbells

We sell PowerBlock dumbbells and these dumbbells are arguably the best adjustable dumbbells that you can buy. Visit our website and identify the adjustable dumbbell you want to buy and we bet that you will be happy with your investment.

Dumbbell and Barbell Weight Sets

The dumbbell and barbell weight sets for sale at WorkoutHealthy are among the best fitness equipment we offer. These weight set can help you achieve peak fitness and strength for years to come.  

Kettle Bells

The kettle bells for sale at WorkoutHealthy are a piece of fitness equipment from the good old days, and they continue to work wonders for your overall fitness health. You can easily expect peak strength and fitness when you buy kettle bells from us, where you can always find them at great prices.

Weighted Body Workout Bars       

Are you looking for bar weights and contour weights to get that well sculpted frame? Then check out WorkoutHealthy for the widest range of workout bars at attractive prices.  Browse the site at your convenience and place your order for a doorstep delivery.

Exercise Weight Benches

You can buy strong and sturdy exercise weight benches at WorkoutHealthy. Our exercise weight benches are well designed, keeping your body mechanics in mind. You can use them mainly for upper, core and lower back workouts.

Leverage and Pulley Weight Lifting Exercise Machines

Increase your strength like never before with our weight lifting exercise machines available at WorkoutHealthy. These equipments are designed to give you quick and effective results.

Arm and Shoulder Exercise Machines

The arm exercise machines that you will find at WorkoutHealthy are definitely among the best in the market. They are known not only because of their ability to strengthen your arms and shoulders quickly, but also because the results are known to last a long time.

Pull Down Lat Machine

You can buy a pull down lat machine from WorkoutHealthy at a great price. This equipment enables you to perform back strengthening exercises in a safe and effective way.

Exercise Hack Squat Machine

The exercise hack squat machine available at WorkoutHealthy is a proven performer in ensuring a strong hip and a resilient lower back.

Fitness Abs Machine

Buy a great fitness abs machine from us and you are sure of two great value additions: great value for your money and a great body core. These machines help keep your lower body strong and supple.

Chest Exercise Machines

The chest press machines we sell are not only great for ensuring strong upper body and chest muscles, but they are also great money savers.

Exercise Weight Storage Racks    

Weight storage racks add to the life of your resistance training equipment and let you enjoy workouts for a longer time. Browse through our wide range of exercise weight storage racks and pick up the best one for your fitness tool.                                

Home Gym Smith Machines           

A home gym smith machine helps in turning your home into your own personal fitness studio. Tone your body, burn fat, and develop your muscles in the comfort of your home.

Workout Weight Vests

Weight vests are a great choice for fire fighters, athletes, and weight loss aspirants looking for the most effective core muscle building workouts. These vests are perfect if you want to get more out of your cardio workouts and strength training.

Men and Women's Weight Lifting Workout Gloves

Workout gloves would make any weightlifting session exciting and effective. We sell extra padded gloves to help you endure even the strictest routine with comfort without worrying about calluses and blisters.

Workout Belts            

Provide your back with adequate support while lifting light or heavy weights, during back exercises, squats, and heavy press using the best quality workout lifting belt.

Exercise Ab Equipment      

Exercise ab equipment that will help you realize your dream of flashboard abs/6 pack abs in the shortest possible time, provided you use them religiously. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our great deals and order your ab strength equipment from WorkoutHealthy.

Cardio Equipment         

Treadmills, cross trainers, stair climbers, stationary cycles, rowing machines- you name it, and we have all the cardio and aerobic machines from leading brands in our store. Tone up your body and increase your endurance by purchasing cardio equipment from WorkoutHealthy.

Running Treadmills  

Do you want to buy a great treadmill at a low price? Look no further. Apart from helping you adjust your speed and angles, our excellent running treadmills will also assist you in keeping track of the distance covered, calories burned, and also measure your heart rate as you sprint toward the dream of attaining a svelte and sexy frame.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Machines 

Enjoy a complete body workout without adding too much of a burden on your joints by selecting elliptical cross trainer machines from our extensive catalogue. We have sales on elliptical machines from all leading brands at great discounts.

Stationary Exercise Bikes  

We sell stationary workout bikes, spin bikes, and recumbent bikes to assist you with your weight loss efforts in the comfort of your home. These workout bikes are as good as outdoor bikes, and you can use these bikes irrespective of your fitness levels or skill sets. We are indeed the best source for purchasing workout bikes.

Indoor Flywheel Cycle Bikes          

Indoor flywheel cycle bikes sold in our store can help you burn 500 calories in just about 40 minutes. WorkoutHealthy offers you excellent deals on these great fitness tools that are fun to use and give you an excellent workout.

Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bicycles

Recumbent bikes are one of the most preferred fitness equipments in the world today and are used by individuals who cannot use upright bikes due to back problems. Buy one of these machines for your home from us and exercise as per your convenience.

Magnetic Resistance Upright Exercise Bikes      

Upright bikes are the one of the best bikes to help you get your body back in shape. Magnetic resistance upright exercise bikes are sold in our store at very low prices. If you are looking for high quality upright bikes, purchase it from WorkoutHealthy.

Rowing Machines      

Rowing machines of different brands are on sale at WorkoutHealthy. This is the perfect equipment for a full body workout, and you can shop with us to find effective rowing machines at the most pocket friendly prices.

Exercise Stepper Machines

Stair climbers and steppers are good fitness tools to melt away those unwanted extra pounds. Ellipticals, twisters, stair exercise stepper machines, portable mini steppers- you name it, and we sell it on WorkoutHealthy at unbeatable prices.

Upper Body Ergometer Cycles

You can now tone your upper body without adding excessive burden on your lower limbs during rehab cardio by ordering upper body ergometer cycles from WorkoutHealthy. This is perfect for patients undergoing rehab, and for those who are looking for cardio conditioning, we sell a variety of ergometers at attractive rates.

Aerobic Equipment

Embrace fitness and flexibility by purchasing various types of aerobic equipment from our website. Whether you indulge in water aerobics or step aerobics, we have the aerobic equipment to suit your needs.

Pilates Workout Equipment

You can find balance balls, reformers, magic circles, ladder barrels, Cadillac, and other Pilates workout equipments on our website at attractive rates. Buy the right Pilates workout equipment and get more from your workout sessions.

Thick Pilates and Yoga Exercise Mats

Take advantage of thick Pilates and yoga exercise mats available at WorkoutHealthy to make your exercise session enjoyable and easy. We sell Pilates mats in a variety of sizes and shapes, so find the perfect piece and order it today.

Yoga Exercise Equipment

Buy yoga exercise equipment from WorkoutHealthy and become fit and flexible. Yoga straps, grips, bolster pillows, exercise balls, etc., you can find everything here at affordable prices.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

Eco friendly yoga mats made from jute, cotton, natural rubber, etc., are available in our store in a variety of shades and sizes. We offer a wide range of yoga mats to make your yoga sessions comfortable and injury free. Buy now and enjoy huge discounts.

Workout Accessories

Ab Exercise Swiss Balls

Do you want to develop your core strength and improve your balance? Then do it in an inexpensive way by purchasing ab exercise Swiss balls from our store. We sell Swiss balls in various diameters at cheap prices.

Medicine Balls for Sale at WorkoutHealthy

Our website offers workout medicine balls ranging from 4 pounds to 30 pounds at very low prices. Build your stamina, stabilize your body, and develop power by buying one of the medicine balls for your home workouts.

Workout Mats

Stay away from injuries by selecting the right kind of workout mats online from our website. From fitness mats to yoga mats and thicker Pilates mats, you can find the perfect exercise mats at the right price on WorkoutHealthy.

Exercise Balance Beams for Sale at WorkoutHealthy

From a budding gymnast trying to develop balance to an individual eager to fight osteoporosis, our two piece exercise balance beam set is the perfect solution for your needs. Check out our website and get this high quality balance equipment at a great sale price.

Elastic Resistance Workout Bands

You never have to take a break from your resistance training even while you are travelling, thanks to portable and lightweight resistance tubes and workout bands available at WorkoutHealthy.  Build lean muscles by purchasing these low priced elastic resistance workout bands from our website.

Inversion Back Stretch Tables

Do you want to bid adieu to excruciating back pain? Take advantage of high quality inversion tables available at WorkoutHealthy.  Our website is certainly the best place to buy these inversion back stretch tables at great prices.

Women and Men's Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Our heart rate monitors help you exercise at the right pace and intensity to get the optimum results. We have a large range of stylish designs available in both women and men’s heart rate monitor watches at attractive prices. 


Walk your way to good health and measure each step with accurate pedometers that you can easily attach to your belt. Get a pedometer now at amazing sale prices from WorkoutHealthy.

Commercial Gym Exercise Equipment

If you're just getting started with choosing which pieces of commercial gym exercise equipment to invest in, make sure you check out our weight training and cardio options.

Commercial Dumbbell Club Pack Sets

Commercial dumbbell sets are going to provide your members with an unlimited exercise selection and come in a wide variety of weight levels.  We have a wide variety of options to meet your needs.

Commercial Grade Weight Plates

Already purchased your weight systems and now looking for accessories? Our commercial grade weight plates will fit your needs perfectly and come in a variety of weight levels to offer constant challenge.

Commercial Workout Weight Benches

After purchasing your dumbbell sets and weighted plates, next you need to get some commercial workout weight benches.  We have a variety of different options to choose from.

Commercial Exercise Weight Lifting Machines

Looking for some commercial exercise weight lifting machines to offer your users the ultimate strength training experience?  These machines are the perfect fit. Be sure to look through all the different options available.

Commercial Grade Smith Machines

Commercial grade smith machines are one of the most popular pieces of weight training equipment so you won't want to miss out on having one of these.   Help your members build strength effectively by looking at these options.

Commercial Cardio Equipment

No gym is complete without commercial cardio equipment, so take some time to browse through our wide selection of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, and steppers. You'll find what you need here. 

Commercial Grade Treadmills

By choosing commercial grade treadmills to form the base of your cardio zone you will be offering your users a high quality machine that will get them in shape quickly.  Our treadmills stand the test of time so be sure to have a look through your options.

Commercial Elliptical Machines  

Commercial elliptical machines are a hot fitness product any facility can offer due to the fact they're easy on the joints, work both the upper and lower body, and burn fat quickly.  Check out our ellipticals here.

Commercial Grade Exercise Bikes

For those who don't want to run, commercial grade bikes provide the perfect cardiovascular alternative and will help to strengthen the lower body.  Have a look through our three varieties of bikes and make the choices that are right for you.

Commercial Grade Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Many people prefer using commercial grade recumbent exercise bikes over the upright bike model, so you'll definitely want to consider investing in one or two of these for your facility.  Have a look through our long-lasting brands so you can make a smart decision.

Commercial Grade Exercise Mats

To round out your fitness facility, be sure to look at the exercise mats that are available.  Our varieties come in a many sizes and thickness to meet your needs perfectly.

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