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The possibility of getting a well chiselled torso is now possible thanks to upper body ergometer cycles (UBE). An UBE acts like an exercise cycle for your arms. When using an UBE, you need to sit comfortably on the seat by supporting your back against the backrest and tightly hold the handles in front. You should start rotating the handle by using your arms.

Ergometer in simplest terms refers to a device that is used to calculate the muscle power used for performing a particular task. By using UBE, individuals can perform various types of workouts at different work rates, exercise speeds, anatomical range of motions, along with iso-kinetic accommodation resistance.

Treadmills v/s ergometer cycles

Though treadmills and ergometers are both used for cardiovascular workouts with the aim of burning calories and to improve overall health, there is one major difference. Unlike treadmills that require the excessive use of legs to burn fat, while using UBE, the individual has to sit and travel the distance virtually by pedalling the handles. An UBE can therefore be used even by a person in a wheelchair to improve cardio health.

Upper body ergometer cycles are ideal for individuals who are undergoing physiotherapy, looking for performance or athletic training, or aiming for cardiovascular conditioning.

Benefits of Upper body ergometer cycles

UBE workouts provide numerous benefits:

  • It is a blessing in disguise for looking for effective cardio workouts without involving excessive movements of the lower limbs. UBE is the perfect workout equipment for you if you have been suffering from multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or lower body disabilities.
  • UBE is used for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from injuries ranging from the wrists to the trunk. This is achieved by controlling and gradually increasing the work rate, range of motion, and musculoskeletal forces based on an individual’s tolerance.
  • UBE helps the user exercise every muscle group of the upper body, especially the shoulders and arms.  You can strengthen your shoulder and back muscles, as well as work on developing your triceps and biceps by using this device.
  • UBE assists you to perform a perfect cardio workout for your upper body as it helps in elevating your heart rate, just like an aerobic exercise. You can see the extra pounds melt away when you are performing exercises using upper body ergometer cycles.

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