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Rowing is a vigorous exercise. Once you are in the rowing machine, all your body parts from your shoulder to the toes are put to work. It is a very effective method of toning your body. The rowing machine will keep a check on the amount of workout production done on it. It is one of the most effective machines for cardio vascular exercise.

There are various kinds of rowing machines:

  • Water resistant rowing machine
  • Air resistant rowing machine
  • Piston resistant rowing machine
  • Magnetic resistant piston machine
  • Air and magnetic resistant rowing machines

Benefits of working out on a rowing machine

  •  As you row, a large group of muscles are worked upon, including your thighs, abdomen, hips, pelvis, upper arms, and shoulders.
  • It strengthens your chest, forearms, and shoulders, as a great strain is placed on them by the rowing motion.
  • Rowing requires a lot of body movement, so it burns calories. It creates lean muscle mass, and tones your body.
  • It is good for the heart, as a 10 minute session can pump up your heart and increase your blood flow. The lung capacity improves and helps build endurance and stamina.
  • This is a low impact workout that puts no extra stress on the joints. Even elderly people or those with knee and back pain can work on the rowing machine.
  • Many athletes work on the rowing machine to boost stamina for other sports. During the off season, they use the machine for training purposes. The rhythm and coordination required in rowing proves helpful for other sports that require coordination, such as hockey.

As with any other exercise machine, you must be careful while using the rowing machine. Always do proper stretching exercises, especially for the back. Do not go too fast or set the weight resistance too high. It won’t help you lose weight any faster. However, you might end up hurting your back. Any increase in speed and weight on the rowing machine should be done gradually as the body gains strength.

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