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Medicine Ball with Handles - 10 lb. Yellow (Professional Gym Quality) by AeroMat
Medicine Ball with Handles - 10 lb. Yellow (Professional Gym Quality) by AeroMat

Medicine Ball with Handles - 10 lb. Yellow (Professional Gym Quality) by AeroMat

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10 lb.

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The perfectly balanced Yellow - 10 pound AeroMat Medicine Ball has a synthetic weather-resistance rubber surface. Its patented rubber covered dual handles are textured providing improved grip for versatile functions. Aside from offering more freedom and comfort in the execution of exercises, it essentially maintains its 9-inch diameter round shape. Abdominal, strength and rotational movement trainings are suitable for this equipment.

How this Gym Equipment Benefits Your Health:

Training with the AeroMat Dual Grip Medicine Ball promises a challenging exercise program. Mainly focused on core training, this medicine ball requires the steady grip of the user on its handles while tightening his trunk muscles in order to maintain balance. To illustrate, a push-up using a medicine ball strengthens the muscles in the abdomen, waist as well as the lower back. It is also known to level up the intensity specifically of abdominal workouts when this equipment is utilized. Abdominal strength is further developed as the ball acts as a counter weight when doing sit-ups. It is also significant to note that in this specific ab exercise, using this piece of equipment is definitely easier and safer to handle as compared to free weights or weighted plates.

The AeroMat Medicine Ball can also be utilized in power workouts to reinforce muscle building programs through the inclusion of cardio exercises. Using a medicine ball, regardless of the weight, can make ordinary straight lunges more challenging by lifting the ball up in front for every step forward. Performing squats can also be done with this equipment which results in stronger leg muscles and at the same time, higher heart rate.


  • Yellow - 10 lb. medicine ball
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Hollow construction
  • Synthetic weather-resistant rubber surface
  • Textured surface for improved grip
  • New patented rubber covered handle design offers more freedom and comfort during exercises
  • Dual grips provide versatility for more function and core training
  • Not designed for bouncing medicine ball exercises
  • Great for abdominal, strength and rotational movement training
  • Maintains round shape
  • 9” diameter

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