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Have back pain? Use a Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bicycle

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Recumbent stationary exercise bicycles are preferred by people who have back pain and can’t sit straight on upright cycles for a long time. Stationary upright cycles look like any normal cycle. It has a vertical structure and the rider has to use his legs in a downward manner. Recumbent cycles are a bit different.

The recumbent bikes have a bucket seat, and you can stretch your feet in a horizontal manner. The seats are padded and are tipped back slightly. This gives support to your buttocks. The seat is adjustable and you can assume an upright or a reclined posture. In an upright cycle, you have to sit straight up, and if your back is sensitive to pain this could possibly put a strain on your back.

There are three kinds of recumbent stationary exercise bicycles:

  • In long wheelbase recumbent bikes, the pedals are located between the front and back wheels.
  • In compact long wheelbase recumbent bikes, the pedals are fitted close to either the front or back wheels.
  •  In short wheelbase recumbent bikes, the pedals are located ahead of the front wheels.

The recumbent stationary exercise bicycle lets you sit easily with your arms hanging freely by your side. This ergonomic position lets you do a full workout with ease.

The recumbent stationary exercise bicycles are good for cardio vascular exercise. They also help strengthen the glutes, the hamstring muscles, the calves, and the quads. To start off, you position yourself on the bike. Most machines have a heart monitor on the handles. As you grip the bar, your heart rate is fed into the computer. It will monitor your heart rate as you pedal. There are various programs on the bike such as:

  • Random
  •  Fat burn
  • Weight loss
  •  Cardiovascular
  • Heart rate control

The console is user friendly with easy to read displays. Choose a program according to your needs and start your workout. You can improve your cardio endurance on a recumbent stationary exercise bicycle from WorkoutHealthy.