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Exercise Weight Benches

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Exercise weight benches provide the platform for exercising and play a vital role in your attempts to gain fitness. Exercise weight benches are specifically used for weight training. Weight benches are of different types and naturally, the different types cater to different purposes. The different types of weight benches are flat, vertical, incline and decline.

Let us discuss the purpose of each weight bench type:

  • The flat bench is the most commonly seen bench. It is generally used for dumbbell and bench press.
  • The vertical bench looks like a chair and has two portions, the flat surface and a raised surface. The vertical bench is good for the shoulder press exercise.
  • The decline bench has two portions: one portion is placed slightly lower than the other portion so that the upper body is placed at a level lower than the lower body. This type of exercise weight bench is good for increasing the strength of the lower chest, when performing exercises such as the decline dumbbell chest press.
  • The incline bench looks like the flat one, but can be adjusted. This is used specifically for the butterfly and other types of exercises that target upper chest muscles.

Let us discuss how you should be choosing the most suitable exercise weight benches for you:

  • The preacher curl benches are suitable for home gyms. These benches are good for specifically toning your biceps while keeping your arms stabilized.
  •   If your purpose is weightlifting, then choose a weight bench that can support the weight you intend to use.
  • Choose an ab weight bench and use it as a surface if you want to have abdominal workouts. These benches have foot grips at one end and you can adjust these benches depending on which abdominal area you are targeting.
  • Specifically, choose a weight bench that is comfortable when you lie down or sit and one that can take a lot of weight.

We at WorkoutHealthy provide you the right kind of exercise weight benches and all you need to do is to browse and place the order for the weight bench you want.