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Want to attain a sexy figure with a well toned rear? If so, it is about time you included an exercise stepper machine workout in your daily schedule to accomplish your fitness goal.

Stepper machines provide you with various workout options, and one can enjoy a high intensity cardio workout by using these devices and varying the speed and resistance. While using exercise stepper machines, care should be taken to maintain an upright posture to avoid any knee or ankle injuries.

Different types of exercise stepper machines

A wide range of stepper machines are available in the market, each working on a different set of muscles that helps you burn calories and melt away that unwanted flab, especially from the lower parts of your body. Some of these machines focus on complete body workouts, while the others target specific areas like your abs, hip flexors, and lower back.

Here are some of the stepper machines that could be purchased from WorkoutHealthy:

  • Mini stepper machines are for fitness freaks that are constantly on the move. This portable machine could be used for exercising just your feet and make you feel as if you are climbing the stairs of a building.
  • Stair stepper machines are bigger and more stable than smaller models and come with 10 different workout programs for fat burning, calorie burning and a manual. This machine is good for exercising your buttocks, leg, calves and thigh muscles.
  • Elliptical stepper machines or cross trainer machines help you tone your upper body, shoulders, and arm muscles along with your lower body parts. Allowing for a more natural body movement, elliptical exercise stepper machines are great for full body workouts.
  • Twist stepper machines are for the individuals that are looking to get six pack abs in addition to toning and sculpting their lower body. You can surely get rid of your love handles faster with these machines.
  • Side stepper machines help you move from one side to other as compared to a regular up and down movement that helps in firming your outer and inner thigh muscles and works on your buttock muscles from a different angle.

Regular use of a exercise stepper machine is the best way to get a lean and firm body. They will also enhance your endurance and overall fitness levels.

Benefits of Using exercise stepper machines

 A regular workout session on one of the stepper machines could help in:

  • Toning, firming and sculpting of your lower body that will result in leaner and firmer quads, hamstrings, thighs, calves, and legs.
  • Burning off the calories and melting away the fat as you are exercising one of the biggest group of muscles in your body when you use these machines.
  • Improving endurance and increases your cardiovascular fitness levels.
  • Eliminating anxiety and stress by assisting in the release of mood enhancing dopamine hormones.

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