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Elliptical cross trainer machines give a complete workout with the help of moving handle bars and moving foot pedals. Good cross trainers have been shown to burn almost the same amount of calories as treadmills but with less effort. It is good for people suffering from leg or knee pain, as there is less impact on the joints.

It is a low impact machine that doesn’t allow any jerks on your joints. The motion is a smooth elliptical one that mimics the natural motion of our legs while we run. Before you start working out, you must always do some warm up exercises.

As you get up on the elliptical cross trainer machine, place your feet firmly on the foot pedals. The pedals are large enough for all foot sizes. Measure your stride length; as otherwise, your workout can become too jerky and uncomfortable. Certain elliptical trainers come with adjustable stride lengths.

These foot pedals are connected to a pair of handles. As you move your feet in a cycling movement the handles also move accordingly. Whether you choose to move your arms or not is totally up to you. You can hold on to two stationary bars that have been provided, or you can choose not to hold on to anything. The best thing is to do is hold your arms at your side while you jog. This causes the stabilizing muscles to work harder thus increasing the effectiveness of the workout.

The elliptical cross trainer machines come with a digital console that displays:

  • Steps taken per minute
  • Time elapsed
  • Calories burned
  • Optimal heart rate

However, the readings are not always accurate as they don’t take into account your height or how your body weight is distributed. They are there to give you a general idea of your workout. Work on it for at least 20 minutes to one hour everyday for optimal results.

Maintain a good posture on the elliptical cross trainer machine to avoid any injury.

  • Keep your back straight
  • Keep your neck neutral
  • Don’t lean on the handles
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed

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