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Commercial Cardio Equipment

View our collection of Commercial Cardio Equipment.

Getting a wide variety of commercial cardio equipment will be one of the key elements that you must do if you want your gym facility to be a success.  While more users are getting into the strength training aspect of their workout, you can't get away from the fact that numerous people are simply looking to go to the gym to get in a great cardio workout.

If you don't have the particular type of cardio equipment that your users prefer, this could quickly turn them off from coming back.

Another big issue that many gym managers run into is the fact that during the busy hour, all the preferred cardio equipment machines are booked up.  That's why offering numerous machines of the most popular variety is a smart move.  This will keep all your users happy at all times.

The primary varieties of commercial cardio equipment that you should consider are treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and steppers.


Treadmills are commonly the most popular since they allow for running, jogging, and uphill walking.  When selecting a treadmill you'll want to be sure to purchase commercial grade fitness equipment because these more than any other type of equipment are susceptible to wear and tear.  The belts must be able to handle the continuous use on them and the motor has to be powerful enough to support a wide number of users in a row.


Ellipticals are also a very popular choice among many as well since they provide that upper and lower body workout that many people desire.  Ellipticals are also great for having around, as they are non-impact form of cardio, so they will suit the needs of any of your members who suffer from knee or back pain.


Bikes come in both upright and recumbent varieties and will be great for those who are looking to build up some lower body strength while also challenging their heart at the same time.


Rowers and steppers are alternative pieces of fitness club equipment that you don't see around at every gym very often, but will really offer your users that full variety to choose from.  Many people will use these as a break away from their usual routine, so purchasing one or two of these to have in your facility is definitely a smart move.

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