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Cardio equipment is very popular among health conscious people as they give a total cardiovascular workout. They help tone the body and burn calories. Choose a machine that suits your purpose and do regular sets to attain that toned body.

Here are a few machines that are commonly utilized:

  • Treadmills are a popular cardio equipment because you can work on them for a longer period of time without getting tired. They are easy on the joints, as a shock absorption system absorbs the jerks while you are jogging. The hard surface also helps build bones and strengthens muscles.
  • The cross trainer or the elliptical trainer is a low impact piece of cardio equipment. It is relatively easy to use because of its smooth movements. However, this very aspect makes it more difficult to lose weight easily as compared to other machines. You must change your routines regularly, otherwise you will only end up with an increased heart rate and not burn too many calories.
  • Stair climber machines imitate the act of climbing stairs. It helps tone the thighs and buttocks. You can use either.
    • The two step machine
    • A stair mill, which is a revolving set of stairs
This two step machine is hard on people who have weak knees. Be careful not to lean on the sidebars, and use your lower body to do the workout to use this cardio equipment effectively.
  • The stationary workout bike is a useful cardio machine for people suffering from knee or back pain. There are two kinds of machines:
    • The upright cycle looks like a normal cycle
    • The recumbent bike has a low and broad seat that supports your back
  • Rowing machines are less popular because of the effort they require. However, they are low impact cardio machines that work on both the upper and lower body.

Irrespective of which cardio machine you use, you must change the intensity of your workouts to utilize them more effectively. Browse through our selection of cardio equipment from WorkoutHealthy.

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