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Airex Thick Exercise Stretching Mat - Blue (72" X 23" X .6") (Professional Gym Quality)
Airex Thick Exercise Stretching Mat - Blue (72' X 23' X .6') (Professional Gym Quality)

Airex Thick Exercise Stretching Mat - Blue (72" X 23" X .6") (Professional Gym Quality)

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Blue (72" x 23" x .6")

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AIREX Coronella Workout Stretching Mat - Blue (72" x 23" x .6")

The Airex Coronella Mat is the thickest and most versatile personal size mat. This mat can be used for exercise, Pilates work, Yoga poses, aerobic, stretching, hydrotherapy and water rehabilitation. If you're seeking a full length mat (72") with extra cushioning then the Coronella is recommended. Although light weight (5lbs) and easy to roll-up, the mats still offer a flat, non-slip, well cushioned surface- a surface that chafe or rub against the skin. Airex mats always feel warm and comfortable to touch. Sanitized process inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria. The buoyancy of the Airex Coronella mat is sufficient to keep an adult safely afloat. The closed cell foam structure makes the mat impervious to water and is extremely easy to wash and keep clean. Approved for indoor, outdoor, water and hydrotherapy use. Buying an Airex mat is an investment in quality, comfort and durability. Airex mats have garnered a reputation as the very best exercise mat available.


  • Superb cushioning light-weight and easy to roll-up
  • Sanitized durable non-slip surface closed-cell structure impervious to water multi-functional.
  • Airex mats are a bit thicker than Yoga sticky mats and are preferred and recommended by practitioners of Pilates mat work.
  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 72" x 24" x .6" (185cm x 60cm x 15mm)
  • Weight: 5 lbs (2.2 kgs)

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