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THE X-MARK Pair of 50 lb. Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbbells (XM-3307-2)

THE X-MARK Pair of 50 lb. Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbbells (XM-3307-2)

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Item Number:XM-3307-2
  • * Two 50 lb. adjustable dumbbells with storage trays
  • * Adjusts in 5 lb. increments: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 lbs.
  • * Heavy-duty chrome plated steel construction
  • * Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells
  • * Compact and easy to use design saves space and time
  • * 1 Year Warranty


50 lb. Adjustable - Pair

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The XMark 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells XM-3307-2 combines multiple sets of dumbbells into one. These space maximizing adjustable dumbbells are equipped with their own storage trays, eliminating any post-workout hassle over where to put them. The XM-3307-2 renders conventional dumbbells an inconvenient waste of space, letting you incrementally adjust the poundage lifted without have to purchase more than one set of dumbbells.

Effortlessly switch from one weight setting to another by simply moving the adjustment knob. Excellent quality and ease of use make the XMark 50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells XM-3307-2 a great addition to every home gym.


  • 5 in 1 adjustable dumbbells
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Smooth grip handles
  • Lift from 10 to 50 lbs. with each dumbbell
  • Comes complete with storage trays
  • Durable heavy duty chrome plated steel construction
  • Includes two 50 lb. dumbbells

Warranty Information:

Limited 1-Year Residential Warranty

5 Stars
Better than lead competition.
I'd like to start this review with a disclaimer. This is coming from someone who is mid P90X and has made great progress. I built up from regular screw on dumbbells to these. I'm not a body builder and I'm a beginner. I originally looked at a few different weight sets. While looking I considered the following factors: Durability, convenience, versatility and space saving. Durability: The majority of this weight set is made out of metal, mostly the important parts: the weights and weight adjustment part. The handle is a durable solid plastic and the other plastic parts are mostly just for show. Overall this weight set is durable and sturdy. This is a primary reason I selected this set, it seems like it'd be able to stand the test of time. Convenience: The weight set comes with it's own cradle. The cradle is just plastic, but it works. The real nice part is the easy adjustment. It's just a quick turn of a handle and slide to the weight you want and slide back. Super simple. Doing P90X I need to go sometimes from 20's to 50's then back to 20's quickly. Simple place it on the cradle, move the slide and off you go. Great feature. Versatility: Here is unfortunately where it comes up a little short. The max weight for each dumbbell is 50 LBS and it only moves in 10 LBS increments. So making the jump from 20's to 30's can be really rough, if it had 5 LBS adjustments instead of 10's it'd be better for lifting, but you can just simply add more reps until you're ready for the 10 so overall it's not a bad deal. Space saving: As mentioned above I needed 3 adjustable sets and they still couldn't do all the weights this one could. I'd need a ton of space if I were to use traditional hex weights or even adjustables. Great feature. Now with all the great things being said, time to move into my biggest complaint. Although the design is neat looking, they are a bit bulky. The one issue comes is sometimes I must adjust my body positioning as not to hit myself with the weights as they are extremely wide (in order to fit up all the adjusted weights. When you compare it to a dumbbell loaded with 50 LBS though, the bulk isn't too much more. Overall, while it sometimes gets in the way it's still a great set. Final recommendation: I would highly recommend this weight set over the higher priced and less durable Bowflex. I haven't tried others but I've read enough about bowflex to know they're build not to last. These weights are a good set. They are worth the money! Update: 1/8/11: The weights are still going strong with no signs of slowing down. I use them three times a week for about an hour, so they get plenty of wear and tear. Update: 4/26/11: The weights are still in excellent shape. No oil, no upkeep, just solid workin' out. Update: 3/1/14: The cradle for one of the weights has chipped from usage and the weights will sometimes fall over or off the cradle. The company wants $25 (with shipping) for one replacement or $50 (with shipping) for two replacement. A little hefty of a price, especially since this review helped sell a bunch of them over the years. It's still a good product and I have no complaints other than the cradle finally chipping and the hefty replacement fee. I'll see if I can find a way to fix it myself before spending $25 on a replacement. Official Amazon review of XMark Pair of Adjustable 50 lb. Dumbbells. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 7/13/2015
5 Stars
XMark 25 Pound Adjustable Dumbbells
I purchased the XMark XM-3305 adjustable dumbbells in March 2011 from Bayou Fitness. I had considered other dumbbell sets, but these met our criteria: well constructed, inexpensive, attractive, and flexible. Weights can be switched almost as quickly as selecting different weights at the gym. I checked the weights for 15, 20, and 25 pounds. The dumbbells are within 2% of the setting. Each dumbbell weighs almost exactly 25.5 pounds at maximum setting. The labels on the product are cheap paper discs (look like cd labels) on each end of the dumbbell. I took these off immediately. The weights are actually better looking than the SelectTechs. The dumbbells appear to be sturdy, and the mechanism for holding the plates on the bar looks almost infallible. The tray is a sturdy plastic that holds the unused plates in the proper position for reinserting the bar. When the bar is inserted into the plates, the motion is smooth. This is definitely a quality product. The customer service at Bayou Fitness is top-notch. They will converse with you online and their e-mail responses are quick. I talked to them several times prior to ordering. I would not have any hesitation in ordering other XMark products. Official Amazon review of XMark Pair of Adjustable 50 lb. Dumbbells. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 4/11/2011
5 Stars
Great Buy!
I picked these up about a month ago and only wish I had bought them sooner. This set is great for quick weight changes between workout moves. The system is stable and solid. I haven't had any problems with it at all. The write up for these show a 10lb change between settings. To elaborate, each plate is 5 lbs. and you can adjust each side individually so you can change by a factor of 5. Just be aware, if you do, the weight won't be balanced. I would definitely recommend these weights. Official Amazon review of XMark Pair of Adjustable 50 lb. Dumbbells. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 3/30/2011
4 Stars
Great Dumbells, but with one Problem
I ordered these dumbbells and eagerly awaited their arrival. When they finally came, I found that three of the four adjusters worked fine, but one of them stuck. It would take a good five minutes of jiggling, pulling, pushing, and manipulating of the disks just to be able to make adjustments. After troubleshooting the issue, I found that the problem was an imprecise cut in ONE of the plates. I could move that plate around from side to side and from dumbbell to dumbbell and the problem always followed that plate. I emailed Wayfair (the company selling these on and explained the problem to them. They immediately ordered a replacement plate for me. I am waiting for that plate to arrive but I do have one good, working, dumbbell and I can tell you that is much more convenient than having to unscrew, untwist, etc each end and manually remove plates. I am looking forward to the replacement plate so that I can begin my P90X. Official Amazon review of XMark Pair of Adjustable 50 lb. Dumbbells. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 2/17/2014
5 Stars
Good Value
I'm trying to think of a reason to give this product less than 5 stars, but couldn't think of any. They are easily and quickly adjusted. The handles are high quality and feel good in my hands. Some people have mentioned weights slipping off but with a little care I don't see how that could possibly happen. You do have to be careful not to lift weights that have not been selected, but a little shake before lifting them out of the tray is all that's needed. Bonus: the trays attach directly to the Bayou Fitness bench I also purchased for a nice compact setup. For a small space like mine these dumbbells are very cost- and space-efficient. A good value overall. Official Amazon review of XMark Pair of Adjustable 50 lb. Dumbbells. Click for additional reviews.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 5/9/2013

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