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BodyCraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine (JFNB)

BodyCraft Jones Freedom Smith Machine (JFNB)

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As more and more people start getting into strength training in their home gyms, one machine that you'll definitely want to give some consideration to is the BodyCraft Jones Freedom Machine.

There's no question that you can complete much of everything you need with a simple set of dumbbells when working out in the comfort of your home, but when it comes to training your legs, most people get stuck.

Dumbbells simply don't provide the resistance level you need, which is why the BodyCraft Jones Freedom Machine comes in handy.

With this machine you can fully challenge those stronger leg muscles with exercises such as front squats, back squats, and deadlifts, taking your workout intensity up a notch.

This machine has been designed for maximum comfort and safety as it has safety hooks that will follow along with your movement pattern so if you ever get stuck, you can quickly rack the weight and get yourself out of the situation.

For anyone working out at home without a spotter, this is an extremely important feature that you will really appreciate.

How This Gym Equipment Will Benefit Your Health

In order to get a complete body workout, leg training muscle be included.  Having this machine in your home is going to allow you to recruit all the lower body muscle fibers since you'll be able to place a much higher weight load onto the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

This machine is also going to help to strengthen the core because of the fact it allows for both horizontal as well as vertical movement, so the core muscles will be contracted each time you lower yourself down into a rep in order to stay balanced and in the upright position.  By combining squats and deadlifts performed in this machine along with some lunges with dumbbells,  you'll easily have a complete lower body workout that will allow you to experience greater strength and muscle size gains.

If you happen to have a flat or incline bench at home, you can also easily perform incline and flat bench press using this machine as well for a full body workout that strengthens all the major muscle groups.


  • Bar Hooks and Safety Spotters travel with you as you move through the workout to provide maximum safety
  • Complete natural movements as the bar can move both horizontally and vertically so you aren't locked into place unless you want to be
  • Horizontal movement can be easily locked for traditional Smith Exercises.
  • 20 Lockout positions for Bar and Safety Spotters with 3 inch spacing.
  • 500 lb. capacity hollow Olympic bar with nylon sleeves and spring collars has starting weight of only 40 lbs.
  • Can use with both traditional plate weights or Olympic sized weights depending on your preference
  • 8 Precision Linear Bearings for ultra-smooth vertical and horizontal action.
  • Case-Hardened, Precision Milled Stainless Steel Guide Rods: 1-1/4" diameter horizontal, 1" diameter vertical
  • "Front to Back" Walk Thru / Roll Thru Design.
  • Integrated Chin Bar with both prone and neutral grips.
  • Dark Gray Durable Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish.
  • Use with our optional F320 or F602 Ultity Benches for Maximum Flexibility


Base 42"D x 55"W x 83"H

W/Bar 84"Wide x 42" Deep

  • Shipping Boxed Dimensions/Gross Weight
  • Box 1: 87.5L x 12.5W x 6.5H 122lbs
  • Box 2: 55L x 12W x 9H 126lb 


This machine offers a lifetime warranty on both parts and the frame so you can feel safe that this investment will last for as long as you want to use it. 

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