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BodyCraft JCLUB Health Club Jones Smith Machine - Full Commercial (JCLUB)

BodyCraft JCLUB Health Club Jones Smith Machine - Full Commercial (JCLUB)

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In order to make any gym complete, a smith machine should be in place and there's no better piece of equipment than the BodyCraft Club Jones Smith Machine.  This piece of equipment is top of the line for providing excellent durability and will quickly help any user move into position and begin their exercise.

This machine is ideal for those lifting alone as it has adjustable safety spotters that ensure that the user isn't at any risk as they go about their lift.  If you don't plan on having a fitness attended on board at all times your club is open, then this machine can give you the piece of mind that your members are staying safe during their lifting.  

How This Gym Equipment Benefits Your Health Club

As the manager of a health club, you want to be sure to offer your members a wide exercise variety selection.  Gyms that have few equipment options are fast to lose members, but with the BodyCraft Club Jones Smith Machine, there are many different exercises that can be done on this single machine such as bench presses, deadlifts, front and back squats, or even lunges if you prefer to do them stationary rather than walking across the room.

This Smith Machine also takes up relatively little space compared to some larger pieces of equipment such as the leg press machine, so it’s a great option for smaller health clubs looking to maximize their workout area.

As more and more gym goers shift their workouts over on to free weights and away from isolation weight machines, the BodyCraft Club Jones Smith Machine is one piece of equipment you don't want to be without.


  • Linear bearings - Top (horizontal), bottom (horizontal), and Bar slides - There are no bushings anywhere on the Jones machine! In fact, there are a total of 16 different industrial-rated bearings on the Jones machine! This provides an ultra smooth experience so you don't even feel as though you are in a power rack but rather the bar is moving right along with you so you have a much better workout!
  • Construction: - Constructed of 3" X 3", 4mm (10-gauge) thick steel tubing for high durability. The bar hooks rest on a heavy-duty spring for secure placing.
  • Completely Safe for the Solo Lifter – All that's needed is a simple twist of the write and the bar is positioned right into place. Now you can lift as heavy as possible without worry of becoming injured – you're safe at all times!
  • Self-spotting - The Jones is perfect for the novice or competitive lifter, versatile for males and females, excellent for trainers and coaches, a must for schools and clubs! For anyone working out alone, it's a must-have.
  • Easy Transitions – Don't waist precious gym time setting up for your next exercise any longer. Setting up the bar is incredibly fast and easy so you can focus on what counts – lifting heavier.
  • Pop pin locks - for traditional smith exercises.
  • You MUST pick a bar at checkout
  • Bar:
  • 7' Power Bar - 7' long, 45 lb. power bar with 1000 lb. capacity provides the most common starting weight for the heavy lifter!
  • Dimensions: 83.07" Tall x 81.34" wide x 42.13" deep (58.63" with lat attachment).


  • Health Club Commercial Use - You'll receive a two year warranty for all parts in a full commercial setting when purchasing this piece of equipment.
  • Home Use - Warranted for lifetime for in-home setting, original user.

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