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BodyCraft F603 Flat/Incline PFT Exercise Bench

BodyCraft F603 Flat/Incline PFT Exercise Bench

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The BodyCraft F603 Exercise Bench is a combination of two benches, the flat and the incline bench. What it does is it makes it possible for the user to train from different positions and angles ranging from 0 to 85 degrees in a single exercise equipment. This offers a lot of variation in any workout and helps in boosting muscle growth and development by keeping your body stimulated to adapt with the changing positions and leverages. The F603 has 6 different positions, 8 different adjustment points, adjustable back pads, handles up to 800 lbs. of weight, and has wheels for easy movement.

 How this Gym Equipment Benefits Your Health:

Using the BodyCraft F603 and varying the angles during training not only challenges your muscles with a new stimulus but it also brings up weak points and corrects or prevents them. By correcting muscle imbalance, your overall fitness is greatly improved and you also significantly lower the risk of injury because the stronger muscles no longer have to compensate for the ones lagging behind. Also, since you can’t train heavy or 100% all the time, you can allow your body to recover while still keeping the exercise routines challenging simply by changing the position of the bench at an unfamiliar angle. In time, lifting or performing exercises at different angles will yield a huge carryover to your strength and conditioning gains. Before you know it, you’ll just keep getting better and better not just by pushing the pace or varying the intensity alone but also by hitting your muscles at every angle possible.


  • Adjusts from flat to incline in 6 different positions
  • Adjusts from 0 degrees to 85 degrees
  • Back pad slides along frame to close the gap and find that perfect fit
  • Features 8 different adjustment points
  • Back pad doubles as a knee hold down for lat pulls
  • Weight can be added to the assist bar
  • Handle and wheels for easy transportation
  • Assist bar can be used as a foot brace for rows or stabilizer assist for functional training exercises
  • Rated for use up to 800 lbs.

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