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BodyCraft F602v2 Exercise Weight Bench Flat/Incline/Decline w/ Wheels

BodyCraft F602v2 Exercise Weight Bench Flat/Incline/Decline w/ Wheels

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The BodyCraft F602v2 is an important and versatile tool because it provides a solid and stable support for the user in performing numerous exercises, whether the exercise is done with dumbbells, barbells or just the person’s bodyweight. Since the angle can be changed every now and then with the seven positions available, you save on both space and money because you no longer have to purchase separate incline, decline, and flat benches for your isolation exercises. The BodyCraft F602 Exercise bench is made up of a 2" x 3" steel frame with wheels attached for easy transport, upholstered back covers, and a 2" thick, extra-high density foam covered in black vinyl for comfort.

How this Workout Equipment Benefits Your Health:

The F602 from BodyCraft makes it possible for a user to do flat, incline, and decline exercises on a single bench by making simple mechanical adjustments. This gives anyone real value for money because you are in essence getting 3 benches for the price of one. By varying the angle of the bench, you can challenge and stimulate your body to develop further in terms of strength, flexibility and conditioning. For example if you want to hit the upper chest and shoulders with greater intensity, then set the bench at an inclined angle. The same is true for an exercise that you do often to keep you from becoming bored from it. All you do is change the angle a bit, and you will feel the difference right away. With the F602, you can maximize the benefits of an exercise because you are able to hit it from all angles, and this helps tremendously in helping you blast through your sticking points. The more angles you hit, the faster you’ll get to your strength and fitness goals.


  • Seven different positions
  • Accepts attachments.
  • 2" x 3" steel construction.
  • 2" thick, extra high density foam covered in black vinyl, with upholstered back covers.
  • Complete Lifetime Warranty on all parts.
  • Dimensions: 63"L x 24"W x 20"H
  • Wheels for easy movement

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