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Labrada: Pro V 60 Wild Strawberry 3.5lb

Labrada: Pro V 60 Wild Strawberry 3.5lb

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Labrada: Pro V 60 Wild Strawberry 3.5lb

ProV60 is an instant, multi-purpose protein blend that provides both men and women alike with a delicious, convenient way to get all of the additional protein that their bodies need for today's active lifestyles. ProV60 is very high in protein and very low in carbohydrates, so it can be used as either a protein supplement or as a low-carb meal replacement. Every scoop of ProV60 provides 30 grams of Pro-V, a unique blend of whey protein concentrates and isolates, egg albumin and caseinate. ProV60 enables the dieter to meet all of the bodys protein needs without a lot of extra calories or the extra carbohydrates found in other foods. Because ProV60 is very low in carbs and sugars, it is unlikely to raise the insulin levels of the user. The insulin spike associated with the ingestion of a meal high in carbohydrates (and/or refined sugars) can bring fat burning to a screeching halt. This is not to say that ProV60 will take the place of whole foods entirely in the diet! On the contrary, any well-balanced fat-loss diet should include plenty of low-calorie vegetables, fruits and an adequate amount of starchy carbohydrates. You should never let your total carbohydrate intake dip below 60 grams per day, as this may be unhealthy. Low carbohydrate diets should not be used for extensive periods of time, without first checking with your doctor. When used in conjunction with a well-planned nutritional program and exercise regimen, ProV60 can be an indispensable tool in helping you reduce body fat while supporting muscle tissue.
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