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Commercial Workout Weight Benches

View our collection of Commercial Workout Weight Benches.

After selecting the rest of your health club equipment including dumbbells sets, weighted plates, and weight machine systems, making sure that you also choose some good quality weight benches will be important.

Some managers will wonder why weight benches will be necessary and why users cannot just use a straight flat bench, but the reasons are numerous.

Reason #1: Maximum Muscle Development & Variety

First, having a variety of weight benches that go on both an incline and a decline will allow your members to target their chest from a variety of different angles. This allows them to ensure maximum development takes place. 

Because of the fact that the bench press is the most commonly performed exercise having these different bench elevations will go a long way towards ensuring that their muscles are maximally stimulated.  Any workout program will quickly get stale if they're forced to perform the same variation due to lack of equipment, so this solves that problem in a hurry.

The incline bench we offer will largely target the upper chest muscles while the decline bench will help to target the lower chest muscles more maximally.

Reason #2: Maximum Support & Durability

The second big reason why having a variety of high quality commercial workout benches is important…many users will also sit on these benches while performing their free weight exercises such as shoulder presses, bicep curls, overhead triceps extensions, or potentially even perform abdominal exercises while balancing on them.

For this reason, you want to purchase commercial workout weight benches that are very high quality and provide maximum support underneath them while easily being able to be adjusted.

Our commercial workout weight benches are very durable and have a solid frame system so they will support users of a wide variety of levels.  

So make sure that you consider the three main types of benches as you purchase your fitness center equipment.  Many managers will choose to just purchase a straight flat bench but by offering all three varieties, you will provide that much of a better experience to your members.

For more information about commercial workout weight benches and to find the best selection for you, be sure to visit our Commercial Weight Bench category here at WorkoutHealthy.