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Commercial Grade Weight Plates

View our collection of Commercial Grade Weight Plates.

As you build the strength-training component of your fitness center, it's very important that you be sure to include commercial grade weight plates.  This piece of health club equipment will be used in a variety of different ways including being simply held in the hands as an alternative to dumbbell use or used with bars or other machines as added resistance when performing an exercise.

Weight Plates are Essential

By simply placing the weight plates onto the end of our weight lifting or Olympic bars, users can perform exercises such as barbell curls, barbell chest presses, barbell shoulder presses, squats, lunges with a barbell, deadlifts, and single leg split squats.

If you plan to purchase a smith machine as part of your fitness center equipment as well, you'll want to also look into having some commercial grade weight plates of a variety of weight levels, as these will be utilized with this machine.

If you're looking for something a little different from the standard weight plate, then consider our gripped weight plates that make holding onto a single weight plate while doing selected exercises that much easier.

Weight Plates are the People’s Choice

Many people will prefer using weight plates when doing specific exercises such as front raises or squats not performed in a squat rack, so this makes for an ideal equipment choice for these users.  Also, if you aren't going to offer as many weight machines in general, having a higher selection of weight plates will give your users an alternative with which to work from.

More and more people are getting into dynamic lifting programs that move away from weight lifting machines and over to free weights and weight plates, so this is a very wise direction to go.

If you plan to purchase many commercial grade weight plates to have in your gym, then you're also going to want to purchase a rack to stack them on as well, as this will help ensure that they are always put away and are easily located by your gym members.

For more information about weight plates and to find the best selection for you, be sure to visit our Commercial Weight Plate category here at WorkoutHealthy.