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Commercial Grade Smith Machines

View our collection of Commercial Grade Smith Machines.

Looking into the various options of commercial grade smith machines will be a very wise decision as you go about collecting all the fitness center equipment that you will offer in your facility.

Smith machines do tend to be one of the most popular choices of equipment among many users and for good reason.

The Top Choice

First, smith machines tend to be the top choice for anyone who wants to develop a lot of lower body strength as they can quickly get into the machine, load it up with the weight that's necessary, and begin the exercise, all without having to have a spotter around them.

If you don't plan on having a gym attendant around at all times to help out just for spotting purposes, this will be very important to consider with regards to buying a high quality smith machine.  Since the user can quickly 'save' themselves while using this machine, it allows your members to push themselves without having to rely on someone there to help them out.

Smith machines are also excellent for using a weight bench to perform some of the upper body lifts as well such as bench press and the shoulder press.

The Safety Factor

Most people find they do feel safer when in a smith machine compared to when doing the exercise with just a straight barbell and weighted plates alone, so this safety factor should really influence your overall decision here.

If your gym members don't feel safe when in your facility, that is something that could quickly turn them off.  Having a high quality smith machine will up their ease and comfort level considerably.

Finally, also be sure that you look at the various plate weights we offer as well. You'll want to pick some of these up for the members to use with the smith machine.  These weights come in a variety of different sizes, so by offering a wide selection, you'll cater to every gym member, regardless of how strong they may be.

For more information on our high quality commercial grade smith machines, please check out that category here at WorkoutHealthy.