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Commercial Grade Exercise Bikes

View our collection of Commercial Grade Exercise Bikes.

By adding some commercial grade exercise bikes to your gym facility, you will help to round out the rest of your fitness club equipment and help ensure that you have something for everyone.

Cardio training is something that almost every member who joins your gym will want to be doing, so it only makes sense to invest a portion of your budget towards these commercial grade fitness equipment machines.

Bikes tend to be a popular choice because they are low impact and due to the fact that many of those who dislike running tend to gravitate towards these bikes.

Here are a few important things to consider when choosing commercial grade exercise bikes.

Flywheel Bikes

Flywheel bikes on the other hand will be the perfect choice for you if you plan to host a number of spinning classes in your facility.  This form of commercial grade exercise bike will allow for peddling at very high speed levels, making them perfect for meeting group class session needs.

Many people also find that they prefer the feel of the flywheel bike over that of the regular upright bike, so having this available for individual workouts is a great idea as well.

These bikes will offer variable resistance so the user can easily adjust it to meet their workout demands.

Recumbent Bikes

The recumbent bikes that you can purchase are going to be great for those users who do suffer from back pain or who prefer to get away from the standard bicycling action pattern.

By having the wheel at the same level as the waist, users will be targeting the glutes and hamstrings to a larger extent, while still firming and toning the thighs as well.

Recumbent bikes offer a very smooth cycling experience and will provide the back support that many people require when performing their cardio training.

Upright Bikes

Finally, upright bikes are your third option and are great for the true cyclist at heart.  These bikes will work the quad muscles to a larger extent and will require more abdominal strength to stay in the upright position.

Upright bikes are great for performing sprint sessions on, so your users will have that option as well with this form of fitness club equipment.

For more information on any one of these three bike varieties, please check out our Commercial Bikes category here at WorkoutHealthy.