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Commercial Elliptical Machines

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 As you look through the various cardio fitness club equipment options, you'll want to be sure to give some consideration to the commercial elliptical machines.  These are quickly becoming one of the most commonly chosen pieces of cardio equipment used by many gym members. By offering at least a few of these at your health facility, you can be sure to keep your members fully satisfied.

Let's take a quick look at why commercial ellipticals make for great health club equipment.

Easy On the Joints

The very first reason why you might decide to go with an elliptical trainer over other cardio machines is because it is very easy on the joints.  If you cater to an older population with your facility, this will be an especially important consideration as knee and back pain is quite common among these users.

Even if it's just a mix of users that frequent your gym, many will have developed pain from other high impact activities and will really enjoy the low-impact nature of these machines.

Full Body Workout

Second, ellipticals are also good to have in your gym because they will offer a full body workout.  Unlike treadmill running which just works the lower half of the body, commercial grade ellipticals will challenge both the upper and lower body at the same time.

This means the users will get a much more complete workout and experience greater muscle toning benefits as well.

High Calorie Burn

Third, commercial elliptical machines also rate very high on the total calorie burn level compared to some other pieces of cardio equipment.  Elliptical machines work so many muscle groups at once that this increases the amount of energy needed and therefore increases the fat burning benefits they offer.

Low Maintenance

Finally, a very nice thing for you with regards to commercial elliptical machines is that they do tend to be lower maintenance.  Because they don't have that constant impact that treadmills do and also don't work off a belt system, this means there is much less that can go wrong with them that would require repair services.

Ellipticals will stand the test of time and will be able to support a number of users each day, so you can feel good about making this investment.

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