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Commercial Dumbbell Club Pack Sets

View our collection of Commercial Dumbbell Club Pack Sets.

If you're getting ready to pick out your fitness center equipment, one type of equipment you can't leave out is dumbbell club pack sets.  While you could purchase commercial dumbbell sets in pairs, it would not be a very cost effective if you need to purchase a variety of weight levels.

It’s Tradition

Since it's tradition for any standard health club to offer dumbbells in a wide variety of weight ranges, you're better off going with our dumbbell club pack sets.

By offering dumbbell club pack sets in your gym, you will allow your members the opportunity to create their own unique workouts, performing hundreds of different exercises at their choosing.

Most regular gym-goers understand that free weights are far more beneficial compared to using machines for the greater control they give them over their movement patterns, so this is something that you do definitely want to offer.

Since you will get members with a wide variety of skill and strength levels, you'll likely want to offer dumbbells that range in resistance from as few as 5 pounds to as high as well over 100 pounds.

Durability & Variety

Our health club commercial weights have been designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, so you can trust that they will stay in top condition as they are utilized on a daily basis from your many gym members.

You have the option of purchasing neoprene dumbbells, which are going to be great for those lower weight level dumbbells or you can purchase rubber dumbbells as you move into the middle weight category.

For the heavy weights, solid steel will be a great way to go, as these will hold up the best under high intensity lifting conditions.

All of our weights are also clearly labeled so your members will know precisely how much they're lifting at all times.

Be sure when purchasing your commercial dumbbell sets that you also look at our rack systems that are available so that your users can keep the weights organized and help maintain the overall organizational structure and cleanliness of the gym.  The last thing you want is dumbbells lying around, as the potential for an injury to occur will be much higher.

For more information about commercial dumbbell sets and to find the best selection for you, be sure to check out the Commercial Dumbbell Club Pack Set category here at WorkoutHealthy.