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BodyCraft F660 Hip Sled (Leg Press /Hack Squat / Donkey Calf)

BodyCraft F660 Hip Sled (Leg Press /Hack Squat / Donkey Calf)

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The BodyCraft F660 Hip Sled is a great piece of machinery for any home gym.  With 4 different exercises available, it allows you to get variety of uses from one machine.  The extra removable pads allow the user to perform donkey squats by pressing the lower lumbar and folding the foot plate adjusts for hack squats.  The shoulder pads are also adjustable to allow for users with a variety of heights. 

This machine allows for up to 1000 pounds of weight.  This makes it great for professional as well as the beginner.  The Industrial grade bearings make the weight move smoothly for consistent resistance.  .  The amount of space it uses is minimal compared to similar pieces of equipment, and the high grade steel makes it a durable piece of equipment, allowing for many years of trouble free use.

How this Gym Equipment Benefits your Health

Because we spend so much time on our feet, our legs are the strongest part of our body.  This makes many people think they don’t need to spend time on leg exercises; however, this couldn’t be less true.  This machine builds strength and mass in the lower body keeping it proportional to the upper body.  In addition your legs will become more tone as muscle definition increases. 

The target areas for this machine are the glutes, quads and hamstrings, but it also strengthens the calf muscles.  To increase mass, use high weight and low reps.  If you are looking for increased muscle definition, use a more manageable amount of weight with higher reps.  This will help you to get the desired results from this machine’s use. 


  • Four different exercises provided: Leg Press, Hack squats with weight on shoulders, Donkey squats with weight on lumbar, Calf raises
  • Extra removable pads
  • Adjustable foot plate / back pad
  • Adjustable shoulder pads
  • Adjustable, folding foot plate for any desired angle
  • Industrial grade linear bearings
  • 1000 pound weight capacity
  • Space saving design!
  • Dimensions : 67"L X 40"W X 54"H
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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